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Character Portrait: Giselle Monroe *under construction* Fairly normal high school student who aspires to be an astronautical engineer.
Character Portrait: Alohi Kalua Young Hawaiian woman who was blessed and cursed with the ability to use magic for sixty days before it killed her. However, on her deathbed, she was turned into a vicious vampire.
Character Portrait: Rayn Henter "There is an art, or rather a knack to flying. The knack lies in learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss."
Character Portrait: Beibhinn A young female Harpy who races to survive and loves every minute of it.
Character Portrait: Verity Cruoris An ethereal female that seems to be ever-moving. Her mere presence seems to suck the warmth out of the air, despite her warm smile.
Character Portrait: Ava Reese Davidson A homeless girl, on the run from her family and her darkened past.
Character Portrait: Lucrais Eubh MacLagain A Cat Sidhe that lusts for souls.
Character Portrait: Ceana Kerr A narcoleptic lover of Pokemon, she uses her condition to investigate the little-known Dream World.
Character Portrait: Miratta sil Nimoc A Siqari youth who travels with her childhood companion, a Matango named Taro
Character Portrait: Rhapsody Wallace "I can help you. Just promise me you'll stay?"
Character Portrait: Madison Decker "Forget about the crap that happened, don't think about the crap ahead. What we're in right now? Yeah, that's enough to keep us busy."
Character Portrait: Conn Kerr Older brother of Ceana
Character Portrait: Baltair Kerr Father of Ceana and Conn
Character Portrait: Margaret Kerr Mother of Ceana and Conn
Character Portrait: Abby Sinclair "I don't remember any reason to be angry. Everyone has their own motivations...Mine? To save who I can."