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i like video games,movies and other stuff. i dislike fish and eggs.
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changed destinys

You gotta love villains, cunning, cool, powerful. Now what if the villlains were reborn, forced to come together as a team and save a new world or once more.

Mortal Kombat: The Next Chapter

What if your characters appeared! onwards from deadly alliance. All rights to this belong to midway who created Mortal Kombat

Deities: The Story

When the old gods of myth find themselves in a modern day city they need to come together to stay hidden- any myths allowed from Norse to Egyptian

Dragon age: Enemy to ally

This roleplay will revolve around origins, however, this is a what if in the idea that the demons and other creatures you face themselves felt threatened by the Archdemon, causing them to join your party. (just submit, no reservations)

Minecraft: a matter of survival

When you are forced into a block like body, in a block like world, will you survive the skeletons, zombies and spiders that inahabit it, will you build great monuments, mabye you will even find some myths, come and mabye you'l find out

Power Rangers! Unite!

When circumstance forces many Rangers of the past and present to appear at a single area and time, they will have to learn to get past their differences and work together. OC's accepted!!!

Dragon Ball Z: Saiyan Pride.

In a world where Goku was never born, Bardock's plea was heard and the combined might of planet Vegeta's forces were enough to destroy Frieza. However, The king of all saiyans fell that day. Refusing to bow to the prince, strength shall decide rulership.

Nightmare's Realized

In an ordinary world, things suddenly have became very unordinary, Nightmares that have followed those known as dreamers have came to life, yet, they seem so very out of character, yearning for the dreamer's attention, will they gain it? or face prejudice

Batman: An Alternate Arkham City

When Hugo Strange completed the creation of Arkham City, he believed he had truly won, what he did not calculate was the chaos that the Joker brought, the prison now well and truly, belonged to the criminals...

Watchmen: Beginning of the End

When the streets are corrupted with sin and filth, people must stand up for justice , the question is, will they make it through with their sanity intact?

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