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CharlotteV member of RPG for 6 years

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bartholomewfinch: I fuckin' didn't ChaCha smooth enough

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Under your bed probs
Reader, Writer, Insomniac...
Dat ass tho
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Grit me up baby

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Completed Stories

Prohibition Completed

The prohibition act has moved in, outlawing alcohol when people need it most. In a world where the law has become corrupt, murder a part of everyday life, and the rules have gone out the will you survive? [Private]

Living in Shadows Completed

"They may not understand it...but I own them. Each of them. They're mine...always have been and always will be. Maybe I just have to make them see that." -Alarick Kostantine [1x1 CharlotteV & Kaname_Takashi]

Universes Created

Color Me Blue

[TBA - 1x1]

Pretty Little M o n s t e r s

"I loved him, but the dark in him. Anyone can play innocent, but his demons are what drove me wild. His secrets. His pride. His darkness is what made me love him." [a Scorpius/Albus 1x1 - view at own discretion - full]

F a l s e A l a r m

You can't stop playing, but no one said you couldn't cheat. [full]

One Hit {Wonders}

Just a couple of stoner kids with nothing better to do save the day.

Hale's House of Boys

Be wary of flirtatious smirks, boys, and don't bite off more than you can chew.

Beware the Witch

beware the witch with the bright blue eyes. beware the witch with the ice cold hands. beware the witch with the razor sharp tongue. beware the witch with the sweet sweet smile. beware the witch, for he is f o u l. [full]

Not Ready to be Found

[A CharlotteV and iCat 1x1]

Harry Potter and the Branded Snake

My childhood spat back out the monster that you see. But here you stand in the shadow of my heart, promising you're going to love me anyway. [a Harry/Draco 1x1 - view at own discretion - full]




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