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I don't want to Live on this planet anymore.
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Your mom.
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Completed Stories

Gantz: Phase One Completed

You are dead. At're supposed to be. In this RPG you're forced to play a sick game where you make the choice to kill monstrous creatures in order to earn your freedom. (Complete)

Strange Fate Completed

In a distant future the Earth is dying. This is because it has become a battlefield between the Human race and a mysterious alien race who wants to claim the planet and exterminate the natives. Little do they know the humans have a secret weapon.

Starship Battlefront Remix Completed

In a distant future the Earth has become a battlefield. Two individuals literally worlds apart find themselves trapped together. Was everything they were taught a lie? Who truly initiated this War? (Completed)

Universes Created

Killing God: The Game

What would you do if you had the opportunity to look God in the eye and confront it about all the horrors on Earth? Here's your chance.

Digimon: Black Isles Remastered

After many years of peace in the Digital world, Ancient data of the world has corrupted and now threatens both Digimon and Humans alike.

End Saga: Guildless

Dive back into the interactive World of the widely popular MMORPG End Saga. There's an new region to explore and this time the Game is more treacherous than it was before. How long can you survive without losing your mind?

Sailor Moon: Lunar Rebellion

Deep in the Milkyway EXOplanet an organization. in control of 237 ranked Sailor Soldiers, has the galaxy under control working under the pretense of Galactic Protection, but they're intentions are darker than anyone anticipated.

Monstra Nobis Decesserit, Monsters among Us

A young man, the pride of his pack, everyone expects a lot from him. Yet, he just wants to be himself.

End Saga

During the beta testing of the mmorpg, End of the World Saga widely known as End Saga, very strange incidents are occurring. Begin your journey on the Dark continent of Xanthe and get to the bottom of this mystery.

Gantz: Phase Two

You are dead. At're supposed to be. In this RPG you're forced to play a sick game where you make the choice to kill monstrous creatures in order to earn your freedom. Now, the hunters have become the hunted.

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