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Child of the Winged member of RPG for 7 years

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I love lots of things, hate few, are indifferent about the rest, and my favorite things to do are my hobbies! (Real descriptive ain't I?)

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Child of the Winged
Somewhere between Heaven and Hell
Does "Slacker" count as one? If not then I'mma be a bartenda! Or leader of the not free world.
Reading, eating, sleeping, roleplays, anime, manga, lots and lots of weird things...
Began Role Playing:
15- 8- 0
Favorite Role Playing Game:
Fantasy! Or Sci-fi~
Game Master:
Favorite Setting:
I don't want to choose~

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Universes Created

Pokemon: Kingdoms Divided

Three large kingdoms rage war that will tear the land apart. Who will you side with?

Out of the Shadows

Mercenaries forced into normal life, with their "dirty" work still coming in and a hidden threat as well, how will they survive these changes?

Monster Daze!

Who says dating sims can't come to life? (Closed and Dead!)

Pokemon: Dark Dreams and Sweet Nightmares

When two legends asks two different things from 6 legendary Pokemon Masters and their partners, the whole world can be torn asunder and burn or prosper under the sun.

Mystery of the Raids

A private Roleplay between Child of the Winged and ZacharyTC

Intertwined Fates

A private roleplay between me and Amarkov. No one but us two can join, sorry!


When someone dies, they go to either heaven or hell, right? But when a girl finds out she's a balanced soul, a war may start for her. What's a soul to do?

Calling All Bands!

When a popular singing idol wants to have semi-pro bands play as her opening act, will you take her challenge and be the star you've wanted to be?

Undead Survival

A group of survivors must ban together to stay alive in the worse case scenario that has become their lives.

On Broken Wings and Wilted Petals

A 1 x 1 roleplay. You can read but don't join.




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I watch the Fates spin my existence, not with baited breath, but with a soft indifference, for I have lived a good life and I shan't regret anything. -Myself