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Hi I love to roleplay and I enjoy anime's such as Dragonball Z,Yu Yu hakusho, Naruto,Bleach,One piece,and more.I love animation in general and my favorite
favorite genre's are Science fiction, Science Fiction, and anything
revolving Government factions such as the FBI or CSI. I also enjoy
sports such as Football and Basketball.


Oh and Video games, as of now I don't have the money needed to
purchase many of the games I hope to play in the near future. I also
love the holidays my favorite one's being Christmas, Thanksgiving,
and Black Friday. Oh and my favorite Video games are Prototype, and
Grand Theft Auto 4.

My favorite shows are Smallville, Heroes, 24, and Supernatural.

That's it, and I love love LOVE food. :) Oh and I'm a Christian.
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I enjoy Basketball,Football,Video games, Roleplay,Television, Martial Arts ,Parties, Girls,
Began Role Playing:
04 May 2003
Favorite Role Playing Game:
Dragon ball Z roleplay
Game Master:
Favorite Setting:
Action/Drama/Modern. Anime as well

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A life changing discovery at a party changes the lives of a couple of college room mates for better or worst. Now they have the power to make choices for better or worst.

Teen Titan: Relaunch

We all know the story of The Teen Titans, a team of sidekicks led by Robin living in the heroes shadows. No more, now they must rise up to be Earth's primary defense in a time of immense darkness, deceit, and deception.

Invasion of Fiction(The Reboot)

A world were fiction is not so fictional.

The Invasion

Humanity has always wondered if there were other species, always seeking extraterrestrial life. As superior destroyers come, the term "Be Careful what you wish for" comes to mind.

Hero School

The story of students with super-human powers, attending a boarding school for superheroes in training. Now a journey begins for these brave students to master their abilities, and make the future a better place.

Watchmen: The End is Nigh

What would happen if superheroes had appeared in the real world as early as the 1940's? How would they have impacted history? Costumed vigilante's fight

The Invasion Of Fiction: Reality At Risk

Fiction becomes Reality, and Reality becomes Fiction. The world is thrown into chaos as fictional characters come to life.

Heroes vs Villains: Fugitives

People with abilities are appearing more and more. They are now in the public eye closely monitored, and policed, their rights slowly stripped from them? Now a fight for their survival begins.

Left Behind: The Earth's Last Days

In the Beginning God created the Heavens, and the earth, but there were those who rebelled against him, sinners, and now the righteous have gone, and the sinners face judgement.

Supernatural Control vs Chaos

With the Apocalypse averted, there is no more order, no more destiny, and it's up to hunters to beat back the rising tides of monsters in a rule free chaotic landscape. As Monsters, Angels, Demons, and humanity enters a clash for survival who will win?!

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