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An Eternal Consequence Open

"Wake up!" She cried, "You can't leave me here, again." A tear crept over each pore of her cheek as she shook the only one she could ever love. "Until next time, my love," He smiled sadly, letting out his final breath.

An Endless Cycle Open

Repeated Fatalities: A story of reincarnation and a three-sided war, with a twist! [Action and Romance based] Added plot to make it suitable to the males interest as well.

A Life Sentence Open

You had a life; you had a family; you had friends, yet these cold, heartless creatures took you anyways. They live in the Underworld, these so called demons- at least that's what they call themselves. In our world, they're known as Vampires.

Drinker's Remorse Open

If you could remember every single thing that went down while you were drunk, would you? Or is it going to be so horrifying all you'd want to do is dig up a hole and hide?

Cane Hill Aslyum Open

Just because you ran away, doesn't mean you got away.

A Never Ending War Open

BOOM. That was the last thing I heard before my ears erupted into a loud, echoing ring. (A roleplay created to interest both the male and the female. Romance and Violence.)