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World of Pandora

In a world lost in time where anything is possible as long as Pandora wishes it, how can group of normal people make out of it alive?

The Monster Inside Me

Have you ever wondered if all the bad inside you was in a physical form? What type of person would that be? Would you be able to handle him/her? Or succumb to their power?

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Character Portrait: Fallen Grace

Fallen Grace

"I hated you since I laid eyes on you."
Character Portrait: Natalie Wolf

Natalie Wolf

"I am the law" -Natalie Wolf
Character Portrait: Damien Cross

Damien Cross

"Stop squirming it's pathetic."
Character Portrait: Dante Cross

Dante Cross

"I have someone waiting for me so I cannot die here."
Character Portrait: Ava Iron

Ava Iron

"I'm too tired to care..."
Character Portrait: Evelyn Reeves

Evelyn Reeves

"The dark? Yeah we get a lot of that around here."