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The Monster Inside Me

Have you ever wondered if all the bad inside you was in a physical form? What type of person would that be? Would you be able to handle him/her? Or succumb to their power?

World of Pandora

In a world lost in time where anything is possible as long as Pandora wishes it, how can group of normal people make out of it alive?

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Character Portrait: Fallen Grace

Fallen Grace

"I hated you since I laid eyes on you."
Character Portrait: Natalie Wolf

Natalie Wolf

"I am the law" -Natalie Wolf
Character Portrait: Damien Cross

Damien Cross

"Stop squirming it's pathetic."
Character Portrait: Dante Cross

Dante Cross

"I have someone waiting for me so I cannot die here."
Character Portrait: Ava Iron

Ava Iron

"I'm too tired to care..."
Character Portrait: Evelyn Reeves

Evelyn Reeves

"The dark? Yeah we get a lot of that around here."