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Captives of the Pirate Lord Closed

You are captives of the Pirate Lord, a bandit of the high seas who takes captives in order to induct them into his pirate crew.

Allegro//Accord: Anfang Closed

Mavritia. A land that was once ruled by the gods among nature, now a shadow of its former self. It holds a great mystery within the "Diamond Sky Tower"...

Don't Zap to the Extreme Closed

You have committed crimes against CWCVille. You must escape before the law enforcement of CWCVille catches you, or CWC himself...

Operation Tor zum Jenseits Closed

Not long after WWII, an experiment drags beings from other universes into Axis-occupied North America.

The Fade Closed

A dangerous world with swords, wizardry, and space ships.

The Virus Strain Closed

Years ago, a disease known as the "renegade virus" plagued the Earth.

Fortissimo EXX//Akkord Closed

In a post-war mangrove surrounded island, there exist a magical ritual, one that requires a sacrifice between twelve selected magi before thirteen hours elapsed every occurrence of the I-Space: a world that resembles the real world, yet only magi can go.

Life and death: help good, or evil? Closed

When the half angel/half demon, Aldrian, decides to turn the world back to the way it used to be, back when it was uninhabitable, news spreads quickly. Most panicking. Will you aid destruction, or fight against Aldrian?