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Hello, I hope your having a lovely day.

My name's Marie though you can choose to call me by an abbreviated version of my username if you wish.

I am often online so if ever you wanna send in a PM please do so its always nice to meet other writers. I will gladly consider joining rps if ever your curious and I am open to rp suggestions if you enjoy how I've run them in the past.
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16 Jun 2010
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Anime and Fantasy

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Several Thousand Years to Love

(Closed will be starting soon) No matter how much time may change our world. There's one thing that will never change or be lost. Love. When 6 young people are sent hurling into the medieval ages is love still possible or is war the only answer.

Phobos Academy

Phobos Academy for the kids with phobias is a wonderful place. It's far out on the ocean. With wonderful staff and students where we help them overcome there phobias and live life like any normal student!

My Second Chance

A group of people all with pasts filled with pain and hurt either that they have caused to others or has been caused to them. Find themselves awake after a near death experience in a strange place for a second chance.

Meet Me in Stratos

What happens to us when we die? Everyone has a different idea of where we go and a different name for it. But what happens when paradise isn't what it should be?

A Heart Close to Home

((CLOSED RP HAS BEGUN)) In the countries of medieval time war is rampant is marriage the only answer or will these royals eyes wander to someone else?

Cirque Du Soir

No circus can claim that they have freaks and normals working together harmoniously except for Cirque du Soir! There mix of rides and performers as well as there mysterious workers makes them the best! So come on down the circus is in town...

Toxic Kingdom

It's the year 6306 and the Toxic Jungle's cover everything. Few human settlement's remain, and with the jungle spreading some believe there is no hope. But what is there beyond the jungle. Death or Salvation for the only one's left...

My Maze Of Roses

All humans sin... But you do it more often then most don't you? Do you have any regrets? Any at all for hurting the people you did? Would you change? If your life was reset would you be a better person? I don't know... But let's find out together...


Welcome to the Chromia disease control center. We hope you enjoy your stay and we advice you not to say anything that could potentially upset the patients. Alright then have a good day!

A Place Called Here

There is a place called here. Where the time is always. The people are there but not here. And fate and love are found.

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In darkest night's when your afraid. Scared and frightened with no blade.
Close your eyes and il be there. To light the night and open air.
So hold me close and I won't fail. And through this night we shall prevail.

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