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Hello, everyone! It's been a while since I've been here, but I'm really looking to get back into roleplying. My favorite at the moment is Pokemon, though I could probably be talked into others fairly easily. I like a little romance mixed in, as long as that's not the entire rp. And I'm pretty flexible with more adult themes, if that's what you like. Let me know if you're ever interested in a rp with me!

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Crystal Flamedance
Well, if you must should ask! :P
Food service worker
pets, writing, Sims, Pokemon, Digimon, Monster Hunter
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22 Mar 2010
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medieval, fantasy

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Flower Among Weeds

A large gang that practically controls the city...with one member that doesn't seem to belong.

Pokemon: A New Surprise

What happens when you end up in a world you don't know about? Let's find out!

The Pokemon Adventure

A whole village turned into Pokemon, and now there has to be a way to turn them back...but how?

In The Forest

There are a lot of people living in the forest. But most of them aren't even people! Come find out what they really are...and if the humans can find a way to befriend them.

A Pokemon Adventure

A village in trouble; but will other trainers understand the cry for help?

A Flower Among Weeds

Gangs are normal in this city. One in particular pretty much runs the place, and this is their life at home. But one "member" is a little...unique for this kind of scene.

In The Forest (Revival)

Humans are trying to expand into the what happens when they meet resistance?

Vampire Wars (Revival)

Since the last one fell it is again!

The War of Kaiju

The village has been peaceful for many years...until now. What happens when war breaks out...and their neighbors are not who they claim to be?

Royal Secret

The king and queen have sent for suitors for their princess, and only one will be chosen. But there is a catch...




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Hi peoples! If you're interested in a rp partner, let me know. Im always looking for a new rp to get into!