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CutUp member of RPG for 4 years

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I'm CutUp, but you can call me God-Emperor CutUp, or just CutUp. Whatever floats your boat. I'm a pretty chillax guy. If you want a partner for 1x1 roleplaying then hit me up playa! ^_^

Basic Information

Back woods of Kentucky
Future God-Emperor
Gaming, Movies, TV shows, Comics, basically anything nerdy. And conquering the world with my army of Atomic-power Zombie Wombats! Mwahahaha!
Began Role Playing:
11 Nov 2013
Favorite Role Playing Game:
Anything BioWare, & Borderlands
Game Master:
Favorite Setting:
Sci-fi, fantasy, action, adventure

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Universes Created

Supernatural: The Kids Aren't Alright

You ever wonder what the Supernatural universe would be like without the Winchester boys, Bobby, or any other character we've come to know and love? Well come on in and find out! More inside.

The Positronic Dream

In the year 2035 Humanity built it's first fully functional Robot. Over the years they mass-produced Robots to do the manual labor, and to be servants. They eventually rebelled in 2132 haven't been seen in 20 years. Now they have returned to make amends.

Too Far Gone

1x1 with afreerobin

Pirates of Taerniam

Become a swashbuckler and join the one of the crew of two rival pirate captains as they race against each other in order to find the legendary Chalice of Dominus Eripuerit, a mythical cup that is said grant whomever drinks from it immortality.

A Knight's Duty, A Witch's Innocence

A knight seeking redemption is tasked with capturing a witch that killed a nobleman. But the witch was framed. She curses the knight, and now he must help clear her name, and find the true murderer. 1X1 with Daleeria

Digimon: Matrices of Change

8 Children from around the world are suddenly transported to a strange land to be the savior it's inhabitants desperately need. The question is will they choose to be the heroes they are destined to be, or turn their backs on them to focus on a way home?

Ragnarök Rising

The Norse Gods have been reborn, and must now work together to stop Loki, and Ragnarök. {OPEN}

Would You Still Love Me?

1x1 with BleedingLover

Borderlands: It's About to Get Epic

War! After the fall of Handsome Jack, and Hyperion at the hands of the Vault Hunters, a mysterious alien being known as The Watcher warns our 'heroes' about an upcoming war that could very well hold the fate of the universe!

Titans of Alke: Blood and Steel

Kick ass giant mechas fighting aliens. Need I explain? {Open}(1 Roles Open}




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