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The Dome and the Corruption Open

The old King of the Dome Aupheria is on his deathbed, and his only heir has to stop the top 2 rebel factions or risk losing everything.

The Seven Elemental Kingdoms Open

For centuries the Seven Kingdoms (Water, Wind, Earth, Fire, Wood, Metal, and Aether) have lived in peace. But this peace will soon end.

The Mutated and the Experimented Open

After a major cosmic event, a few gene changing cosmic rays hit Earth mutating a handful of the population into superhumans known has the Mutated. The world governments tried to replicate this event creating their own superhumans, called the Experimented.

The Spectrum Rebellion Open

Thousands of years after the banishing of the Old Gods of Colors, they have returned to destroy the Black Empire and regain the land once more.

The Rebellion of the Colors Closed

Will the Black Kingdom fall? And will the Old Gods of Color return? (see more inside)