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Character Portrait: Fritz A power-hungry, cunning mercenary warlord who wants 'The King' for his own nefarious purposes.
Character Portrait: Stephen Blackwood A scowly, angry jerk with a heart of gold. (ALSO: Numero Uno, for redundancy's sake)
Character Portrait: Samuel Pickett Tough as nails.
Character Portrait: Jack Dunston He's alright. Really.
Character Portrait: Armature Sig A nuske built for battle.
Character Portrait: Ron Thompson The kind of guy that seems to have a party following him where-ever he goes.
Character Portrait: Dean Coldwell He's level-headed and cool, but don't piss him off.
Character Portrait: Crow A Drifter with crazed and well-weathered guns.
Character Portrait: D'vayraan Majrik An eccentric miner and explorer of the Kethrid race.
Character Portrait: Alexander Beckwald He's a simple guy, liking very little more than to do his own thing in life - namely rock 'n' roll, road trippin', and whatever he fancies.
Character Portrait: Clayton Inherst The Keeper and Guardian of the Wizard's Staff. Born in the Second Age of the Fire Powder.
Character Portrait: Maxim Jakoby AKA "Maximum Thrust". Jakoby is a party guy; hard drinking and hard living. He knows how to play the crowd for support both on and off the track, and his lacadaisical demeanor belies an iron will and surprising expertise behind the wheel.
Character Portrait: Ryley Garamond "Blades of Judgement"
Character Portrait: Special Inspector Kenneth Deladrier A member of the Special Investigation Corps assigned to the Kappaletta case.
Character Portrait: Pariah Blackguard A mercenary and thug with a rather uncreative but extremely appropriate alias. Luckily, he's on our side.
Character Portrait: Bruce Lawson A soldier-turned-loser with an Alter known as "The Drifter".
Character Portrait: Sterling Wildwood A strangely-named and zealous agent of SEER. He loves his job, perhaps a bit too much.
Character Portrait: MCPO Kenneth Deladrier Commander of the Darkspace's Marine detatchment.
Character Portrait: Michael Arborly The explorer formerly known as Dean Coverly.
Character Portrait: Adelbert Heinz A forest bandit and one of Snow White's sparse few allies, defending her from the demons of the woods.
Character Portrait: Les Sheraton The sheriff in these here parts: The US Marshall who keeps the peace in Tramell.
Character Portrait: Evan Baygell One of the early pioneers of chronology. Unfortunately, he was one of the people who broke time in the first place.
Character Portrait: Richard Sykes A counterculture expert born fifty years too late.
Character Portrait: Petruccio "Pete" Cantaloni "Look, friend, just 'cuz I got a bum leg don't mean I can't kick your ass."
Character Portrait: Mitchell Vanleigh The bank was his, then it was taken. Now, he's taking it back.
Character Portrait: Ian Palance "When diplomacy fails, force prevails." A veteran pilot from Osea, now flying for Espova.
Character Portrait: Oliver Bannel Real name Oliver Corron. Otherwise known as "Sir Oliver the Great". C'elladore's most prominent knight.
Character Portrait: Richard Rayberg Better known by his stage name "Rick Thunderstorm" - the eccentric and all-American Bassist of The Otherworld
Character Portrait: Stephen Blackwood The archetypal journalist in training - what he lacks in body strength, he makes up for in willpower and intellect.
Character Portrait: Alastair Finnigan O'Flaherty Part-time vicar, part-time wanderer, full-time witch hunter.
Character Portrait: Mitchell O'Flaherty A magician living amongst paranormal creatures.
Character Portrait: Captain Ian Throckmorton Searles The captain of the "Empty Box", an eccentric citizen of House Horsham taking "venture capitalism" to the extreme.
Character Portrait: Richard Rayberg (AKA "Rick Thunderstorm") "Honestly, I don't see why more people appreciate the drummer." Bassist of the Blood Wolves.
Character Portrait: Unknown Wait, since when was that guy on the train?
Character Portrait: Kenneth Deladrier Chief of Security aboard the Dancer.
Character Portrait: Alistair Fingal MacNeill An out-of-work strategist and wandering mercenary who throws his chips in with the highest bidder.
Character Portrait: Alistair Finnegan O'Flaherty [Too lazy to come up with a quote]
Character Portrait: Richard Rayberg "What? You expect me to give you my life story?"
Character Portrait: Unknown Although considerably more known now.
Character Portrait: Alistair (Al) MacLean Strange times are afoot, therefore occultism is a good thing to know about.
Character Portrait: Mitchell Stone "Well, in hindsight, that could have gone a little better... Well, a lot better."
Character Portrait: Michael Vision "Geist. You'll be calling me Geist. Not that that's my name, but it's all you'll need to know me by."
Character Portrait: Lucas Visson "This could be a lot worse. Like, ten times worse - is that an updraft? OH SHIT IT JUST GOT WORSE."
Character Portrait: Richard Rayberg Also known as Rick Thunderstorm.
Character Portrait: Michael Arborly "There would have to be a time where Home began to fall apart, and it may as well have been now."
Character Portrait: Dante M.F. Adams "I don't know what you just said, but it makes me want to BREAK. YOUR FACE."
Character Portrait: Fingal McCreary "You could have made this so easy by just standing still..." - F. McCreary, Repentant Assassin
Character Portrait: Richard Jacobus Merrywether "I can't judge a book by its cover... Mainly because I can't read a book by its cover."
Character Portrait: HL-09059 Wild-Card Sword
Character Portrait: Stephen Blackwood "You're not going to like this idea, but if you want to see the outside I suggest you listen."
Character Portrait: Stephen Blackwood "There's something up here..."
Character Portrait: Dante M.F. Adams "I don't know what y'all just said, but it makes me want to BREAK. YOUR FACE."
Character Portrait: Jonathan Wills MacNeill Invest(igat)or in the Ryde Expedition.
Character Portrait: Mitch Hennigan "If you don't mind, I have to go and, oh, you know, sprint away from that big dude coming to tackle me to death."
Character Portrait: Stephen Blackwood I only hope you have even the slightest clue what you're getting yourself into, Kura...
Character Portrait: Egon Metzger RED's Medic: "Ach, do not mind mein last name... It translates to Butcher. I assure you, nosing to vorry about! Now let's cut you open und see vat is hurting you..."
Character Portrait: Mikhael Rowey I'll try anything once. Maybe twice, if I like it.
Character Portrait: Michael Vision AKA "Geist" - 'Psychotic Killer' doesn't even come close to describing Mister Vision.
Character Portrait: Morrigan Graves The Second Dealer, a remorseless, unfeeling killer with a gentleman's disposition and an awesome hat.
Character Portrait: Lapin Blanq The White Rabbit: "Late! Late! Everyone is so -late-!"
Character Portrait: Stephen Blackwood "My soulmate is a fallen angel. I'm being chased by other, angrier angels. Ah well, there are worse ways to spend a lifetime."
Character Portrait: Damien Blacke The second son of the Blacke series, and our antagonist.
Character Portrait: Herodotus Pygmalion Blackwall "Chaos is like strong booze; once you start with it you can't really stop!"
Character Portrait: Michael Chandler "Either I become human or I become human. You don't really have a say in the matter."
Character Portrait: Stephen Blackwood "Somehow I keep getting dragged into these party marathons. Why am I here? I don't know."
Character Portrait: Richard "Rick Thunderstorm" Rayberg "Oh god, please, no more werewolf puns, Zeke."
Character Portrait: Johnathan MacCreary "Seriously, guys? I told you all we needed to turn around. I really did. But you didn't listen to me - AGAIN - and look where it got us. Way to go, guys. Really impressive."
Character Portrait: Richard Rayberg Alternative Name: "Rick Thunderstorm"
Character Portrait: Stephen Blackwood "It seems like somehow I always have to make the stupid call... *Sigh* Alright, let's go get him. No messing around; straight in, straight out."
Character Portrait: Cannadore Isth'adral Andredi Treasure-hunter, Isth'adral tribesman, bounty seeker. [In Progress]
Character Portrait: Michael Vision The Collector's assistant; a remorseless sociopath who works for the Collector with no questions asked.
Character Portrait: Morrigan Graves The Second Dealer, a remorseless, unfeeling killer with a gentleman's disposition and an awesome hat.
Character Portrait: Lapin Blanq The White Rabbit: "Late! Late! Everyone is so -late-!"
Character Portrait: Egon Metzger Once a scientist, now a broken man on the trail to vengeance.
Character Portrait: Duane Cooper "Way I see it, we all got a job to do. This's just another thing needs gettin' done."
Character Portrait: Masky That is a really unfortunate name he has.
Character Portrait: Richard Rayberg Co-Lead/Rhythm Guitarist of the as-yet unnamed "Band 1". He hopes the name will be Thunder Turtle.
Character Portrait: Hojo Kaito Shatei of the Kyubei-Kai: "Fuck off, hound dog, this is my street."
Character Portrait: The Marked Man "Mine is the hand of judgement. Stand aside or be cut down."
Character Portrait: Carl Benison "You've got two choices. Either you drop your weapon or I make you drop it."
Character Portrait: "Viatcheslav" (aka Anatoly Kovliniov) "I don't care whether or not there is color in city. I just think is fun to spray paint at pigs!"
Character Portrait: Jacob Dalton Civilian. Greenhorn. Fiscal advisor.
Character Portrait: Shurik Mad-Blade "Ik talam nedar, for your life is at its end."
Character Portrait: Darin val Nyer I figure that I haven't wiped out a village in long enough, so the way you guys tend to attract violent attention... Count me in.
Character Portrait: Johann van der Wojt "At any given moment, this town is a matter of seconds from destruction. It's up to me and the folks like me to keep this place alive."
Character Portrait: Jensen Gables "Now, you just swing a wide right by this station--Shut up, I'm the navigator here!"
Character Portrait: Ford Milligan "Welp.... It's warmer than sleeping on the sidewalk."
Character Portrait: Thauvin the Bard "Magnificent bastard, you say? Well, you're only half right--I am quite aware of who my father is." [WIP WIP WIP; SAVIN' IT HERE]
Character Portrait: Thauvin Longstrider 'Wage a war unrivaled', eh? I'd like to see you top the War of the Gods.
Character Portrait: Kenneth Deladrier Sniper. 37. Former Gendarme; GIGN; French Foreign Legion.
Character Portrait: Carl Benson "Well. I'm done here. Can I go home yet?"
Character Portrait: Curtis Jeffrey Winslow [SUCH A WIP YOU DON'T EVEN] "Hup, yep, you're bleeding, mmhmm--What? Oh yeah. Alright, alright, get over here, I'm not waiting all day while you make a mess of my carpet."
Character Portrait: Mike Cooper "Run away from a deadly virus, wiping out all of humanity? Easy enough."
Character Portrait: Miguel "Wrench" Olivera Road Captain of the Dead Men Walking's Mesa, AZ Chapter. {WIP}
Character Portrait: Ford Milligan "I'm thinking that things are about to get all Silent Hill up in this bitznitch. Nobody ever let me speak like that again."
Character Portrait: Kendall Geary "... Sorry, what?"
Character Portrait: Phileas Downs "Travel. Fight. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. 's not a bad life, really."
Character Portrait: Richard "I've got your back. Whatever you need, don't worry."
Character Portrait: Philippe Deladrier An angry Moroccan Special Investigator of the FBI-SOB who hates being called "Philly Phil".
Character Portrait: The Exegian Coalition of Free Planets "Our people are exiles, refugees--those that were left behind, discarded by civilization, like refuse. We are the forgotten and the lost. Our voices will be heard once again."--Primary of Defense, Adrian Danvers
Character Portrait: Villius Dux Warlord of the Central Plains Tribes: "I don't know how good of a plan this is, but I am involved in it either way."
Character Portrait: Connor Charles "C.C." Jones "Can it wait a minute? I'm in the middle of some calibrations..."
Character Portrait: Jonathan Roaker "The people need to know what is going on here, and it's my duty as a journalist to report it."
Character Portrait: Michael Partidge "I've got my car, my... Well, I've got my car."
Character Portrait: Mister G. Harlowe "Don't ask what the G. stands for. Nobody remembers. Not even me."
Character Portrait: Gavran Gavrille Traveling physician, technical pacifist, and worldly road scholar
Character Portrait: Roger Kale [WIP] "I'm not gonna eat that."