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Universes Created

Xmen: Rise of the Shadows

Years have passed since mutants changed history for the better. Cities grew, People changed... Mutants have died. Humans rather made mutants their calling to attack before they lose their land. So now, the Xmen have gone into hiding, waiting to rise up...

The Great Expansion War

The Cobalt Falcons and the Forge have been at this for years and one being can change the standstill of the war. And you can decide which side takes charge with his powers to assist you.

Siaren and Humanity

Siaren struggles as man who once owned it without friction, threw it away for pride and want as flesh does to man. Siaren is at the mercy of a species... how sickening.

Pokemon: Humanity's Unexistince

What if you, as a pokemon, woke up in your trainer's house and saw that trainer wasn't there? In fact.... that no one was around you except for the pokemon of the universe?

Pokemon: Humanity's Unexistence - Reboot

What if you woke up as a pokemon and saw that your trainer was missing... in fact... that everyone was missing? This is the RP to decide the big question... Where did everyone go?

New Pavis - Local Thieves

Attendies of the RP are in search in a city where crime is at an all time high. Many have wondered where its coming from and why, but maybe the approaching gentleman who appears to be clean enough can show you how to keep yourself from being a bum.

Chicago PD

Crime always is on the rise... but how will you affect it?

Deviants and Acceptance

1v1 with ~IllusionQueen~

Pit of Despair

Storage, Not RP

DW: Battle of ChiBi

War is among us and Cao Cao is our enemy. Quickly aid the Allied Forces to succeed in casting a fire attack upon Wei!

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