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I enjoy writing stories and roleplaying. I also enjoy Alice in Wonerland, Sweeney Todd, and find myself captured in stories about survival. No, I am not a noob and I used to be on RPG all the time about two years ago. I lost my account information several times and was hacked about two by someone who is no longer in my life. So, I'm going to try to keep this account and I've saved all the damn information.
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Roleplay, Writing, Reading, Vampires, Demons, Witches, Blood, Romance, Dominance, Force, Wars, Survival, Animals.
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Alice in Wonderland

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Universes Created

Wonderland: The Deck

There is another tale to the story of wonderland. One that exists after Alice has left. The red queen has fallen, but a new evil arises as four kingdoms once lost come to live. Will the Creatures of Wonderland fight back? [ALOT more information inside.]

The Experiment's Chaos

12 men are recruited for a psychological experience taking place inside a constructed prison. All they have are a certain role, 6 rules, and each other. What could go wrong? [Based off of the movie&actual experiment. More information inside.]

Nightmare City

The Large City of Manson has been overtaken by a strange and unknown plague, where victims are found dead in their beds and supposedly died in their sleep. But this is no ordinary plague. [More info inside. Too much to fit.]


Police are slowly giving up as a dangerous sociopath continues to abduct and kill victims across the state of Maine. The ones kept alive have special talents, and are part of his collection, kept to entertain him as time drags on. [LAST TRY.]

Supernatural Lovers

Four humans. Four creatures. Four years. One type of love. Can they withstand a war that could tear them apart, possibly forever? [More info inside.]

The Blacke Series: Sinister Seduction

Private Roleplay between Pieluver and DarlingRapture

Dangerous Deals

Three kids in high school want more then they have, but are they willing to sacrifice lives for it? When they have the chance from an evil demon, all they need to pay in return is a human body. Will they go as far as murder to keep their desires?

The Duchess and The Countess's Strife

The Countess and The Duchess; two close friends with terrible lives. Married to husbands who cheat, control and abuse them; they're tired of the misery. They decide on a plot to murder their husbands. Will they go through with it to be free?

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