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Character Portrait: Daena C'orul Daena has a deep desire to follow behind her father's footsteps, to the point where she tries to imitate his every action--although she chose the life path in desperation to revive her dragonfly, she is yet to discover the true meaning that is life.
Character Portrait: Ruby Kalahari The ruling descendant of her family ancestry, she has taken great pride in establishing the Echelon faith from generations to come. Ruby is known for having the strongest bond with her ancestors of House Kalahari.
Character Portrait: Steel Wing A mobilized unit available for free lance work. Experienced in several fields including machinery.
Character Portrait: Gwendolyn Vascocellos Gwendolyn has a 6 year old son. Even though there is a longer extent of her history she never speaks about it to anyone.
Character Portrait: Delve A cyborg that specializes in mecha and serval types of machinery. She lives to serve, in which she has grown accustomed to during her early years.
Character Portrait: Heinrich of High Rock Tribe A vagabond who has an addiction for an alchemical mixtures for a calm state of mind.
Character Portrait: Basil A bard that composes music inspired by his traveling companions.
Character Portrait: Erlyn A curious ignorant teenage girl who loves to draw and write about new discoveries.