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The Labyrinth

Teenagers are being abducted and thrown into a world where there are no rules; only survival. Welcome to the Labyrinth

Warrior Cats: Life by the Lake

The Warrior Cats have returned and they live at the lake! Taking place after the ending of The New Prophecy, before Power of Three, role-play the lives of the cats!


100 years ago, Scientists unknowingly created a virus in an attempt to rid the world of illnesses. This virus changed the world forever. But in a small cornerof earth, 'Pure' humans survive.


Teenagers whose names have some relative to Snakes. There's something different. They were not named that for no reason. (All Named taken, needing friends/villians)

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Character Portrait: Natalie Parker

Natalie Parker

What the hell is going on?
Character Portrait: Natalie Parker

Natalie Parker

The North Group Planner
Character Portrait: Evangeline Starling

Evangeline Starling

"Hunters are stupid, they'll get themselves wiped out. That's why I'm a rider."
Character Portrait: Kestrel


This isn't right!
Character Portrait: Katarina Sera

Katarina Sera

Daughter of the Goddess of Night
Character Portrait: Katherina Grey

Katherina Grey

A Mutant through and through.
Character Portrait: Kayanna Santoro

Kayanna Santoro

"Demon at heart... Well, if Demons have hearts."
Character Portrait: Mamba Greyliner

Mamba Greyliner

"Just so you know, I can punch you 20 times before you can blink."
Character Portrait: Celestia "Cel" Greyhound

Celestia "Cel" Greyhound

"I may be young, but I recommend you don't underestimate me."
Character Portrait: Shaden Edon

Shaden Edon

"Whatever game we play, I'll win. I always win."
Character Portrait: Lupi Starsky

Lupi Starsky

Did you really feel the need to do that?
Character Portrait: Elakida Starkin

Elakida Starkin

"The Humans treat the Crossed like Gods. They don't realize they're worse than us."
Character Portrait: Annie Tekla Shore

Annie Tekla Shore

"Why can't we just watch clouds?"
Character Portrait: Light


"I've been cast out for to long. I'm never going back."
Character Portrait: Dia


"Lightning is fascinating. Just don't get to close."
Character Portrait: Shaden Edon

Shaden Edon

"I always win. Always."