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In my bed knocked out from pills.
Artist, novice Writer.
Death. love. Roleplaying. Anime. Drawing. Dancing. Singing. Writing.
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18 Sep 1994
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Super Paper Mario
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Fantasy or Anime

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Universes Created


7 years ago, A Nuclear plant exploded, causing mutations to the people around it. The town was closed off and labeled as a nuclear zone. No one is allowed to go in or out. But what if a group of people actually did get out?

One Last Time

A world where every choice matters. You've got your own secrets, but its not about you. Life is too short to let an eternal slumber take over it. So stop it.

Curious Academy

Curious Academy. Founded by a Loveless man, it is a place where you find your love and get engaged to them whether you want to or not. [Full, but feel free to come and spectate.]

Medical Academy

Medical Academy is a school for aspiring Nurse's and Doctor's. Its very popular and in this school lots of love blossom's, but new students this term are creating more chaos than ever before!

Love Like 'Whoa'

Two people are fighting over that one person. What can they do just to fix it when their love is like Whoa!

Seven Lights of Hope

World War III Broke out, and its taken the world seven years to rebuild it. Half of the world is still in ruin, and being ruled by an Demon Army Commander , nothing can stop him except for the combined power of the Seven children.[Remake]

Sick Sad Little World

The world is inhabited by Grotesque beings, Humans are a rare species....(Needs 5 people!)

Project Demon

He was created for the sole purpose of enslaving mankind but only one problem, he can't remember what he is supposed to do! [A very wacky and funny RP] (need 1 person)

Keeping The Secret

Rei is most definitely the cutest girl in the entire school, so cute that she's got her own Harem of boys chasing her! But the most persistent one will learn something about Rei that nobody knew!

Hope of the Desolated Land

In a world half destroyed and in ruin, Lies the hope of seven chosen ones. Now if only they knew it was them. (NEEDS ONLY 6 PEOPLE FAST!!)

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"Who are you to judge the life I live? I know I'm not perfect-but I don't aim to be, but, before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean."
"You gotta love what you do, && believe in what you do. && if somebody doesn't agree, then FUCK THEM♥