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31 May 1998
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Universes Created

Knights of Armageddon MC

The Knights of Armageddon are an outlaw biker gang that was formed in the late 70's by returning vets from Vietnam, based out of Los Angeles. Today they are one of the largest outlaw motorcycle clubs in the country. This is their story

The Last Ones Left

The Zombie Apocalypse rocked the world, it led to the Zombie War, which the humans ultimately lost.

The Knight's Tale: The Story of Jason Walker

The prequel to the Knights of Armageddon story.

When All Else Fails

Ronnie Cage is an American war hero, having survived a horrific explosion that should have killed him. After receiving an honorable discharge, along with several commendations. However there's a part of the story nobody knows...

KOA: New Blood

The continuing story of Jason Walker, and the Knights of Armageddon MC.

KOA: The Return

Having put the club life behind them, Jason and Lolly are enjoying a normal life. However their past lifestyle comes back to find them once again.

Dark Days

After an event knocks out electricity and electronics, those survivors left in Blue Spring are left to fend for themselves

Sades MC: The Devil's Turf

Montreal has become a battle ground for power and control. Outlaw biker gangs fight to establish dominance in a key city, the Sades have a history in the city are fighting against other MC's trying to push them off of their turf.

KOA: Reborn

The KOA have picked up and moved from Los Angeles to Crystal City, Nevada, and that's not the only change within the KOA.




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