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Character Portrait: Laeveria A Saidar wielding sorceress, renegade Aes Sedai. [outdated]
Character Portrait: Anya A well known assassin who revels in challenge and intrigue.
Character Portrait: Sarin A young boy with the ability to see and speak with the dead.
Character Portrait: Min Daughter of Alyssia Damodred, presumably also daughter of Nameless Damodred, her husband, though she never mentions him. Deceptive and more than just a little bit bitchy, this doesn't seem to stop her making friends when she tries.
Character Portrait: Erin Escape is one thing. It's figuring out what to do next that's the hard part.
Character Portrait: Anria A blunt and boisterous warrior maiden, proud of her heritage and quick to rise to any challenge.
Character Portrait: Celeste Dubois A mysterious and arrogant woman, who spends her immortal life working as Heaven's secretary, dealing with all the little slip ups and messes the Gods create in their fickle games. She takes her tea without milk.
Character Portrait: Aiedai A spark of a young girl, misguided and more powerful than any little girl should safely be. Currently in the custody of Sylvire Nasazura.
Character Portrait: Varwyn A powerful lunar sorceress, known locally as the "Witch of the Night". Though largely motivated by personal gain, Varwyn isn't evil or cruel. That doesn't necessarily mean she's pleasant, though.
Character Portrait: Harriet Head of Staff and Manager at Gambit's Bar, stern and motherly about her patrons. Recent events have hardened her slightly, a subtle change, but a change nonetheless. She now carries a shotgun in addition to her trusty rolling pin.
Character Portrait: Auria An ethereal being of unnatural beauty, gifted with psychic abilities but denied any form of speech outside of telepathy. Not entirely of this world, but not entirely of the next, the closest thing she could be compared to is perhaps a ghost.
Character Portrait: Neferata Lahmia The former Queen of an ancient clan of vampires. A powerful sorceress driven mad by a curse, she dwells alone, stewing in her own hatred of the world until such a time as it can no longer be contained.
Character Portrait: Lahmian Vampire One of the powerful members of the Lahmian sisterhood, under the rule of [url=http://www.roleplaygateway.com/characters/Neferata%20Lahmia/url]Neferata Lahmia[/url]. Though less accomplished than her mistress, any Lahmian is a formiddable opponent.
Character Portrait: Morvrin Dern A High Councillor of the Ahrian Empire, and High Commander of the Ahrian Military. Equipped with the most advanced defensive technology available, and currently stranded on Terra after an assault on her ship, Highspear Valkyron, which was wrecked.
Character Portrait: Embre Student mage, studying divination and mysticism at Academia Celestia.
Character Portrait: Alyssia Damodred The wife of the mysterious, faceless and nameless leader of the Damodred, and the most public leader of the family. She takes her orders from Damodred himself, and is one of only two people who know his identity..
Character Portrait: Elaina Ballifrey A battlemage turned military pilot, Elaina's battle-magic training is more than handy in the field.
Character Portrait: Sky Meadows An angelic child, innocent and naive as any other boy of his young age. Born and raised in a small village that was slaughtered by dark priests, he uses his overly cheery attitude to keep going, one hop, skip and jump at a time.
Character Portrait: Sylvire Nasazura Benevolent and kindly in an appearance, nature and acts - this powerful elven sorceress has duelled with evil over the millennia. Something wicked stirs on her horizons, now, and need is great. Heroes must be found...
Character Portrait: Aliana Chevaleux A beautiful and dextrous bard of the lyre, gifted in the art of channelling her magic to aid allies in battle. Bastard daughter of a king and half-sister of Arrow Flight.
Character Portrait: Arya Du'vall A chic French city girl through and through: fashionable, sexual and highly dangerous.
Character Portrait: Sasyra Moradin The female fire Na'vin, fiery and hot headed. She often disagrees with her father, the clan leader, and has caused something of a split within the clan between those who like her decisive methods, and those who prefer her father's traditionalist views.
Character Portrait: Shai Sunamon The female air Na'vin, brave and zealous in her dedication to Nai. She is a paragon to the air and water clans, appearing in public much more than the other Na'vin to inspire troops and civilians alike.
Character Portrait: Laeveria Lacerta A mysterious and devious demoness, apt in the weaving of words upon her silver tongue. Responsible for the downfall of many otherwise strong political leaders, her interference in mortal affairs is a constant thorn in the side of her counterpart, Celeste.
Character Portrait: Tallana Davindral A dual lore Master Wizard, adept in both the Lore of Light and the Lore of Metal. One of the most highly respected figures in her homeland, and a popular favourite for succeeding as the Lord of the Order of Light.
Character Portrait: Katy Lockhart Ex-WCPD Commander
Character Portrait: Gnot Nusual The god of bogeys hidden in inconspicuous locations, demeaning remarks and abnormal odors. Formed by various remarks such as 'God, I hope nobody finds that there', 'God, that wasn't nice' and 'God, what is that smell?'
Character Portrait: Mirror Mirror is never herself, in the company of others. Her appearance alters itself to match that of any she chooses, and it is only when she is without company (that she is aware of) that she will assume her true form. She has little understanding of emotion
Character Portrait: Alison Sanderson D.I. with the WCPD.
Character Portrait: Claire Voyance Claire Jackson: Orphan, witch, and ex-hero. Finding herself at something of a loss within Wing City, she spends a lot of time in Gambit's Bar wondering where it all went wrong. [quote]Can't we all just get along?[/quote]
Character Portrait: The Scarlet Siren Annie Gray is a mutant with a powerful voice, and can put on a concert that villains will never forget!
Character Portrait: Roselyn Arabelle Successful businesswoman and villainous scientist, performing immoral experiments on kidnapped test subjects, and using her money to satisfy whimsy after morally questionable whimsy.
Character Portrait: Matthew Walker About as normal as they come in Wing City, an ordinary kid with ordinary goals, and ordinary problems. A slightly less ordinary pet, but he doesn't generally get let out of the house.
Character Portrait: Cailan Alisandre A dancer and acrobat, fond of bright and explosive colours, and of effeminate appearance. Kind-hearted, if slightly air-headed and inattentive.
Character Portrait: Lady Saira Abellea A knight of Ter'hien, and retainer to Countess Aila - fiercely loyal and just downright fierce.
Character Portrait: Countess Aila Terhien Countess of Ter'hien, a small county several weeks journey from London (in pseudo-England, that is). A calm and collected woman, serene and subdued, yet deadly on the political battlefield of words.
Character Portrait: Serewyn A markedly biting and terse young woman, with an edge of sadism about her - she isn't the type to tear the wings off of butterflies, but she might just enjoy stabbing people a bit too much.
Character Portrait: Kayla Ballifrey Despite her childish, and innocent appearance, this teenager is not a pleasant person. Enjoying remotely operating her pet robots in order to wreak havoc on whimsy, there can be no doubt on her moral standards... they just, aren't there.
Character Portrait: Anaiya Silverwind An ancient hero, one of those responsible for the Sealed One's defeat. Dead for millennia, until rather recently rudely awakened by those who are in need of such heroes once more. "I feel like I just woke up after a baad night out..."
Character Portrait: Sophie Harte A young woman, with no remarkable feats nor background to her name. The most dangerous thing she has become involved in is a brief period of drug use, and minor bouts of depression. [quote]No, really. That's it.[/quote]
Character Portrait: Lyssa Morrigan A young girl who chose to forgo a normal life to study and practice magick (the K is important, she insists). Formally known as Lisa Morrison, she felt that it was a rather mundane name for a proper witch to have, and so got a new one.
Character Portrait: Elaina Ballifrey Researcher for the Primus Corporation, based in the facility in London. Ignorant to the corporation's darker dealings. "Donahue was promoted? Odd. That's the fourth promotion this month..."
Character Portrait: Elmindreda Damodred Daughter of Alyssia and Nameless Damodred, a strong young woman with a purpose. Min has come a long way since her childhood.
Character Portrait: Callysta Crowe SOD Agent with the WCPD, explosives expert and all around firework. [quote]I told you, don't call me Ballista![/quote]
Character Portrait: Simon Keane SOD Agent with the WCPD, better with numbers and information than with a gun, but not too shabby with either. [quote]Quiet, I'm trying to re-combobulate my thoughts![/quote]
Character Portrait: Elaina Ballifrey Kastner's ever so delightful partner, Elaina is determined to get the bumbling fool to adopt some sort of dignity, in the form of a snazzy outfit. Surprisingly, Elaina is unlikely to be pleased to hear her sister is coming.
Character Portrait: Physics "Raaaaaaaaage!"
Character Portrait: Danielle Kalter An metahuman agent with the WCPD, rather averse to her general role as 'cannon fodder'. "Just because it doesn't hurt when they shoot me doesn't mean I enjoy it!"
Character Portrait: Anya Assassin, slayer, and general 'shooting things in the head' girl. Currently contracts herself out to the highest bidder, with no fixed employer.
Character Portrait: Alyssia Damodred The wife of the mysterious, faceless and nameless leader of the Damodred, and the most public leader of the family. She takes her orders from Damodred himself, and is one of only two people who know his identity..
Character Portrait: Pyrrhus A gambler; one of the best, rich and skilled - but most of all, lucky.
Character Portrait: Michael King An ex-student of an exiled mage, recently graduated from Academia Everia, and looking for work. "People skills..? Oh, uh, yes! I have... ah, brilliant people skills... can't you uh, tell?"
Character Portrait: Vimana Rhakan Tyrian Necromancer, Ebon Vanguard. One of those responsible for the downfall of the Great Destroyer, and earlier, the White Mantle and their false gods.
Character Portrait: Susan Barnes A part-time florist, part-time artist, full-time spinster. "I did what I had to do to protect my children..."
Character Portrait: Paige Garcia Car thief/mechanic, general loose cannon.
Character Portrait: Wisp An 'investigator'. Skilled 'hacker', in layman's terms, utilising illegal methods to investigate targets for interesting cases.
Character Portrait: Shai Sunamon The female air Na'vin, brave and zealous in her dedication to Nai.
Character Portrait: Leah Faraday SOD Agent with the WCPD, magical expert and liaison to the SCD.
Character Portrait: Maripose Fennoire Fire-Aspect, ex-betrothed of Kai Paendrag, and markedly determined to track her arranged husband down and drag him back by the ears if necessary.
Character Portrait: Annie Lira A violinist and singer, Annie earns her keep performing in nightclubs and bars - she keeps clear of Gambit's as far as work goes, though. At least in other places if they don't like you they throw non-lethal objects.
Character Portrait: Mia Evans "I wanna be the very best... Pokemon aside though, I quite fancy my chances."
Character Portrait: Claire Dunham An ex-SIS agent, working with a pair of partners in Wing City to run a private contractor business ranging from security to private investigation.
Character Portrait: Kaori Walker An ex-SIS agent of Asian heritage but British born, freelancer.
Character Portrait: Kiriel Anazura Elven mage, Everian Battlemage Captain.
Character Portrait: Embre' Student mage, studying divination and mysticism at Academia Celestia.
Character Portrait: Silviana Melaidhrin Headmistress of Academia Everia, a powerful mage with intricate and powerful talents.
Character Portrait: Merethyl Starfall An age old elven ranger, having survived a fall from a cliff side that separated her from her allies, restored to health by a healer. She now stalks the forest as 'Thyl', a reclusive slayer. The creatures of fear have themselves learned to fear her.
Character Portrait: Aria Seborhin An enigmatic and benevolent Dragonkin inventor, crafter, healer and enchanter; a jack of all trades that involve making things, within reason, and partner-in-slaying to Merethyl.
Character Portrait: Michael Connor A close-combat trainer for the WCPD and related organisations.
Character Portrait: Selphina The Goddess of Death.
Character Portrait: Straw People don't talk about Straw, unless they want Straw to find them. Most people very much don't want Straw to find them. If Straw finds you, and you didn't want him, then you're probably about to die.
Character Portrait: Evelyn Greyheart Chosen to succeed Order, the prudish and unpleasant owner of a printing company.
Character Portrait: Laeveria The weaver of deceit, pulling strings on half the thrones of Braesorn. Pretty folk beware, lest you be added to her collection...
Character Portrait: Annoura The quietly wise and powerful Librarian of Academia Celestia. A calm and modest demeanour disguise great power, though she is always hesitant about employing it in any significant regard, for reasons of her own.
Character Portrait: Daniel North A friendly if trigger-happy young man who makes a living out of a combination of stunt acting, with a side career in bounty hunting.
Character Portrait: Lirael A silvis, recently fallen and hardened by her harsh life within the silver dimension so far.
Character Portrait: Amy Robertson A student, studying psychology and philosophy at Oxford. Scottish by birth, a musician and a writer.
Character Portrait: Nyssa Redgrave An illusionist and general mindbender, Nyssa employs her trickster's magic to dominate Vegas' casinos alongside her sister, Sarah.
Character Portrait: Sarah Redgrave A trainee doctor at a Vegas hospital, Sarah primarily uses her magic for medical purposes. However, with her sister's influence, Sarah found herself convinced to play poker for an admittedly comfortable profit...
Character Portrait: Yasmine Khalifa Daughter of an extremist activist, forced into using her psychic talent to further his hateful goals. "I do this not for love of your god or your ideals, father, but for love of my mother. You would do well to remember that."
Character Portrait: Nathan Andrews Wand-wielding magic specialist with the WCPD.
Character Portrait: Yasmin Khalifa A calm and serene young woman from a troubled background, working with Sanctuary to try and atone to the country that her father damaged.
Character Portrait: Matthew Collins A childhood friend of Nathan's - one of the few - rash and unpredictable, but more than making up for it with combat prowess.
Character Portrait: Cassie Harris Media darling and pretty face aside, Cassie's persuasive nature is more than just a way with words. There's more to the pretty blonde woman than meets the eye.
Character Portrait: Illura Elliere A rogue, scoundrel and ne'er-do-well, set upon plundering the galaxy for all it's worth.
Character Portrait: Trinity Arina A Section Sergeant, with a long history of determined and effective hunting down of elusive criminals. Respected enough that when she's given a case, she gets a ship and a team and is left to her own devices.
Character Portrait: Alice Taylor Sanctuary agent, a practicioner of rune magic. Covered from head to toe with her art, Alice is skilled enough that people put up with her odd little quirks, and slightly sharp tongue.
Character Portrait: Saidra Galliere A joker is often considered the 'wild card' of the deck in games where it is employed.
Character Portrait: OmniCorp Collection of NPCs related to OmniCorp.
Character Portrait: Ophelia Naeniere "I don't find satisfaction in killing ... it's everything before you die that's the fun part. I wonder how many pieces you can lose before you stop breathing?"
Character Portrait: Catherine Jennings OmniCorp's Head of Terran Expansion and Innovation, a determined and experienced businesswoman with a reputation for strict standards of morality, and a fearsome streak saved for those that don't meet them.
Character Portrait: Sarah Ward An A-level student; smart, successful and doesn't she half know it. Carries herself with a sense of superiority, though this is at least bearable. Otherwise largely friendly, with a quick wit and a loyalty to her friends.
Character Portrait: Nae'shiara "There is not a glimmer of life in this realm that has any hope to stand against Him. I am His envoy, His hand. Submit to your doom now, lest you find a worse fate when He is finally free."
Character Portrait: Lory Davis A surprisingly young magical swordswoman, over-ambitious and cocky. Her ambition has gotten her into trouble more than once, and deeply embroiled in things that she hasn't the wisdom to comprehend.
Character Portrait: Aerona Graves The faceless and officially non-existent leader of those that worship the Sealed One. Hateful, pitiless and jaded, Aerona truly desires the destruction of all that inhabits the world.
Character Portrait: Dorian Silverleaf A ranger and slayer, denizen of the Forest of the Fall.
Character Portrait: Emma Armelle A powerful battlemage hailing from Tai'emroth, treated with no small amount of suspicion and loathing for her dealing with blood magic. She doesn't seem to mind, however, quite the contrary - she's suspiciously cheerful.
Character Portrait: Rose Thornton A skilled Light Mage hailing from a town named Orlen's Hill, and graduate from Academia Everia. "I can MAKE double rainbows!"
Character Portrait: Diane Atha Bodyguard of Neferata Lahmia, fiercely loyal and no easy foe to trifle with.
Character Portrait: Sky Alenia A celestial, one of the few to make their home in the Forest of the Fall and a soldier of his settlement. Young even by human standards, Sky has not yet lost the determination and hope that life in Aelora slowly saps from each generation as it comes.
Character Portrait: WCPD Agents Various agents working for the WCPD, who have not yet received full profiles.
Character Portrait: Cameron Lawson "My body may be more metal and wiring than me, but within it beats my heart, and lies my mind. I've not changed who I am, just what."
Character Portrait: Castala Melaidhrin Illusionist, performer and a professional liar, Castala's circus is in town. "A trickster, me? Surely you can't be serious ... I'm about as genuine as they come in this business."
Character Portrait: Kaelin Tiernan "And you thought people talked shit, you don't know what they think about ..."
Character Portrait: Aurelia Lerant A planeswalker, one who traverses the gap between realms.
Character Portrait: Robin "Used to be that I was one of the most unstable people in this town. Now it seems like that's gone and flipped on its fucking head. If you want to stick with me you pull your weight, or you're on your own."
Character Portrait: Noah Valenti Cousin of the Galletti family, and fringe member of the reclusive and elitist house. Far from a terrible person, Noah is a perfectly decent individual who just happens to be sternly and totally set on the view that the House is always right. Always.
Character Portrait: Katherine Greyson Travelling writer, recently published author of "The Journey: Why roughing it with Pokemon beats a desk job", and ex newspaper columnist. A veteran trainer from years spent on the road.
Character Portrait: Debonair On the crux of higher education, and already solving international mysteries, Debonair's 'talent' is in persuading just about anyone of just about anything.
Character Portrait: Kyran Mistveil A forest dwelling druidic shaman, raised by adoptive parents to venerate the wilds and protect them against those who would take unfairly.
Character Portrait: Kye Lehto A cheerful, albeit distant young man with a traumatic past. On the surface there is little to distinguish Kye from an ordinary teenager, aside from a few odd qwerks here and there. However there's plenty underneath that is a little more... bizarre.
Character Portrait: Lyris A silvis mercenary working under the title of the Argent Blade,
Character Portrait: Avaria A Divinity, spirit of the world.
Character Portrait: Ariadne Rienne Newly turned to vampirism, Ariadne is a resourceful and merciless agent working on behalf of Neferata Lahmia
Character Portrait: Aesa Z'rii Head Councillor of the Irian Homefleets and Guildmaster of the Guild Law.
Character Portrait: Jenna Blackwood Infiltrator and saboteur in the Golden Legion. One of their most skilled operatives and 'guinea pig' for some of OmniCorp's advanced combat implants.
Character Portrait: Matt Harris Aschen citizen, employee of Tech Con. Somewhat jaded with life in general and unsure of where to tread next.
Character Portrait: Martin Langford Terran anchorman.
Character Portrait: Anaiya Thorn Doctor and medicine woman of Windcrest.
Character Portrait: Corenne Alurae High Councillor of the Golden Dimension
Character Portrait: Illura Diene High Sage of the Silver Dimension
Character Portrait: Mieren Fairleaf Air-headed druidic sorceress with an affinity for animals.
Character Portrait: Talren Cathos Half-elf sellsword with a penchant for gambling and drink.
Character Portrait: Oliver Creed Mayor of Solinus City.