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I mean, it's pretty much what it says in the title. A more lighthearted, comedic Roleplay

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Vragi, despite his disbelief that tea and crumpets were not something to do with letters and collecting leftover bread, nevertheless followed the others into the elevator. A contraption the smith still found mysterious despite having used them several times before, the lift seemed to take them through a rather marvellous display of what he guessed was some type of cosmos.

As they disembarked Vragi was forced to flatten himself against the wall so he wouldn’t be in the way as Basalah charged toward the table. Judging from their host’s refined but - surprised, the dwarf supposed - reaction, interrupting before diving at the food and consuming said food as rapidly as physically possible was probably not considered appropriate behaviour at large. A shame, too, he thought, as it wasn’t far off from what he was used to back home. Grimms seemed to possess a greater understanding of whatever etiquette was required in this sort of situation and Vragi very deliberately sat on the opposite side of the table in order to observe and imitate, with little success, the manner in which to partake of this ritual. He tried to make himself feel better by watching some of the other attempts, although this didn’t seem to help so he decided he would be content with blissful ignorance for the time being.

Vragi confidently stirred a spoonful of marmalade into his tea while he listened in on the conversation.

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Vragi followed the others out onto the bridge as the stranger approached them. He scratched his hair, which caused him to realize he’d forgot his helmet. He shrugged his shoulders - he could find it later, probably.

Vragi was finding it hard to follow the exchange, not because it was boring but because he was peering intently at the bridge on which they stood, trying very hard to discern what materials it might consist of, that is if they were like anything he was familiar with. Myriad questions were, as usual, flooding through the dwarf’s mind.

Multitasking was not a strength of Vragi’s, and so this unfortunately had the effect of him losing track of the conversation while he stared at the construct. He vaguely caught something about being welcome and something about ambassadors and tourism. To him this meant that they weren’t about to be brutally massacred and so he continued to zone out, now turning his attention to the city across the lake to gaze at the assortment of coloured buildings. Aside from being quite pretty in his opinion, the architectural structures in this world seemed fascinating to Vragi, coming in so many different and loud colours. Of course he forgot to consider the possibility of the buildings being, say, painted, and immediately his thoughts turned toward the possibilities of the countless different building materials used in this realm, and all the strange methods and techniques he imagined might be used by its inhabitants.

In fact he was so lost in his own strange daydream that he realized the group had begun moving. Snapping back to reality (for lack of a better word) he recalled something about being invited in for tea and crumpets.

“Tea and crumpets? That sounds fantastic!” he blurted out to no-one in particular before leaning toward the few and whispering as discreetly as he could manage;

“Psst, what’s ‘Tee and Crumb-Pots’?”

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“Ah, a shame.” Vragi muttered in mock disappointment. The dwarf, having playfully bid farewell to their new 'friends' (a term with which Vragi would often refer to friend and foe alike, much to the annoyance of those around him), took hold of a nearby table for balance as the ship emerged into a new world.

Vragi shielded his eyes against the light, blinding compared to the chaotic darkness they had escaped just moments ago. He waddled over to the window to take in the grand view. For a second, as he spotted the great tree at the centre of the land – or rather, lands - he mistook it for the Yggdrasil he was so familiar with, and thought they had somehow happened upon his own homeworld. He quickly realised this was incorrect.

Vragi had not yet had the delight of witnessing the strange phenomenon of airborne islands and wondered what was keeping the landmasses afloat; some type of magic, advanced technology or perhaps both? As far as the dwarf was concerned, these were more or less interchangeable and he rarely, if ever, attempted to differentiate between the two. He didn’t seem concerned about the fact that the ship was on what appeared to be an inescapable collision course with the tower in the lake. Truth be told, he probably hadn’t noticed.

He did, however, notice a sudden upward movement of the lovely vista he had been admiring, followed by what felt like a lack of gravity. It took Vragi maybe a second or so to put two and two together, at which point there was a large splash, the fundamental forces caught up and Vragi, who seemed to be floating merrily 2 meters in the air, was slammed into the floor, bounced once or twice, and after a short pause, slowly sat up, groaning and rubbing his bruised head.

“Ah... perhaps not if it gives you a migraine...” he responded to Grimms' comment on the landing.

Still in a daze, Vragi vaguely heard instructions for leaving the vessel and allowed himself to be guided toward the entrance, quite unaware that he had left his helmet behind, rolling aimlessly on the floor of the cafetorium.