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A list of fictional characters written by Dragonrogue as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Veca Reese

Veca Reese, located in Serenity

as part of The Five Year War: Training Cruise

"Words should only hold weight when honest intentions are behind them."

Character Portrait: Asha Ragnheld

Asha Ragnheld, located in The House of Dreams

as part of The Mortalis Conclavis

Her only wish was for control over her life.

Character Portrait: RBA-120-9 aka Arron

RBA-120-9 aka Arron, located in New York

as part of Fallout: The Manhatten Trials

"Hello human. I am RBA-120-9, otherwise known as Arron. How may I help you?"

Character Portrait: Ferenc Maxim

Ferenc Maxim, located in World of Posibility

as part of Hiding Myself

Not a team player

Character Portrait: Zayna Mordad

Zayna Mordad, located in the town of Paranorm

as part of do you believe

She was going to the local high school when the town fell.

Character Portrait: Griffin

Griffin, located in Seirra Madre Villa

as part of Murder Ultimate: Tales of the Sierra Madre.

"I don`t like to be seen."

Character Portrait: Tanja

Tanja, located in Africa

as part of The Pride