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The baby dragon dwelled peacefully and quietly in the Hidden Glen for quite some time, undisturbed and undiscovered. Although there were many natural predators in the forest, the baby dragon was already adept at surviving on its own. It had inherited cleverness and cunning, and its smaller size enabled the dragon to serpentine and run very fast on its belly like a large monitor lizard. When it couldn't outrun its enemies on land, the baby dragon ran into the lake and hid in the water. It sometimes crawled into tree hollows and rock crevices to escape from much larger predators in the forest. There was no shortage of places for our young fledgling to run and hide, and yet it very seldom found any danger that could threaten its growth or progress in such a remote environment.

As time went on, the Hidden Glen became even less dangerous, for the baby dragon had started to grow. At the size of a large dog, there were many predators that had tried to hunt it down from time to time. But as it grew to the size of a large horse, those same predators that used to hunt the baby dragon were now its prey. The scaley beast had developed sharp boney horns and long raptor-like claws. Its eyesight improved along with its taste, hearing and sense of smell. Its brain developed and it grew in intellect, acquiring rationalization and keen instincts. But that's not all. As the beast's muscles, body and bones continued to grow, it developed the ability to use its gas bladders to mimic the different sounds and noises it could hear in the forest. Soon, the baby dragon had become the ultimate hunter and top predator in the Hidden Glen, and all the other animals in the area fell silent and went into hiding whenever the horse-sized reptilavian monster came strolling through the trees.

Five more years went by, and not a whole lot had changed. The baby dragon hadn't grown much bigger in all that time, and it still couldn't fly yet, but its two bat-like wings had developed wonderfully, long colorful fleshy semi-transparent membranes attached to its forelimbs enabling it to climb or glide from branch to branch. The dragon had all the right parts and pieces now, carefully crafted into its genetic design by way of natural selection and millions of years of evolution, a nearly sentient species that had survived numerous mass extinction events and was now the perfect predator. The horse-sized reptilavian monster was large enough and powerful enough to become the king of the lake, as it now hunted lions and tigers, bears and even small crocodiles, anything in the Hidden Glen that used to pose a threat to the dragon's survival was now the dragon's food.

But the dragon wasn't ready to venture out into the world or leave the natural sanctuary of the forest just yet. Life in the Hidden Glen was perfect for the baby monster. There were no humans or other sentient creatures around to pester the growing majestic beast or threaten its security. The Hidden Glen provided plenty of food, shelter and water for the dragon to sustain itself and live on. It was the perfect habitat to raise a dragon in, and the monster felt very safe for the time being, progressing slowly as it continued to feed and grow. After a while, the dragon grew to be twice the size of the egg shell it had once hatched from. By now that egg shell had all but disappeared from weather and decay, so that the seasons of change over the years had erased any evidence that the dragon had been born in the forest at all. The new creature had achieved a huge bit of secrecy as it remained hidden and undiscovered in all that time, continuing to develop and grow very slowly both in size and intelligence.

0.25 INK received for post #2822790, located in The Hidden Glen:

Dracosuchus has left the area, heading north towards Dark Woods.