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I guess this is like my introduction box.
Well, my age and name will stay secret but you can call me Drift or Oculus or DO (do captilize the last one please, otherwise I'll think you're just saying 'do'). Or just some random name like Ryder! (Which may or may not be my name *Evil snicker*)
I'm fairly new to RP's but I do know that a lot of people like to have long detailed RP sessions. Or at least not the *MM jumps and smiles, etc.* stuff. I don't really like it either so don't worry about that!
I also have a bit of trouble with grammar since English isn't my first language. I really like RP'ing so I really try to improve my English.

I like to use very unusual names for my RP characters, like: Jinx, Thania, Aideen/Aidan or (my favorite one!) Daymia. I don't do 18+ since I never had a real sexual experience, I have no idea how I would actually react.

So that was it! I guess I will have to make this longer or atleast more detailed later but for now it's good enough!
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