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I'm crude, I'm rude, I'm the girl your mother warned you about. ;)
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Universes Created

Project Blackout!

Three high school seniors throw a birthday party to make a name for themselves. As the night progresses, it spirals out of control as word of the party spreads.

Their Stories 1865

Set in the 1860s, these stories follow a group of individuals from different backgrounds that are thrown together in a whirlwind of fate. Watch how their lives turn upside down.

Crash Bright Light

Beyond the discotheques, the flashing lights, and those bedazzled outfits, lies a dark world tainted by arrogance and an overpowering assumption of immortality. An innocent face is rare, so rare in fact, it becomes legendary. [70s Nightlife RP]

Eternal Distance

A young woman returns home after a prolonged vacation, only to find her family does't recognize her, any and all traces of her life with them having disappeared. Could it be the work of her father's new girlfriend who has installed herself as her mother?

Let The Music Play!

A sequel in the 'Just Dance' RP series- eight months after the initial party at Thomas Groove's house, now the legendary host has taken the party to his older brother's 13 million dollar house. Let the party begin!

Embrace the Silence

It's 2035. Twenty years ago, earth went under a dry spell, wiping out the majority of the population. You are a survivor, and on the road with a few others to find the legendary oasis. There will be danger and your survival skills will be tested.

Cirque de la Lune

Look beyond the horizon, my friend. Come see the only cirque that will legitimately take your breath away. Can you feel the energy? Can you tell the difference in your mood and health for the next year? You live. You sincerely and truly, live.

Within London Walls

When Rosette crosses the Atlantic ocean to return to her family in 1870s London, she's met with a web of secrets and scandals that suddenly surrounds her family. The culprit? None other than rakish Lord Osborne.

Le Disko - Blowout!

Rumored to be the party of the year, it's a blowout, the last big bang before each of these familiar faces take a walk in their Graduation gowns.

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