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Character Portrait: Barnaby Turncoat A goon, a nut, a freak, a weirdo, all names that fit the man with an odd last name very well.
Character Portrait: Roderick "Belial" Lemartes "This thirst was around before I was made this unique."
Character Portrait: Barnaby Turncoat "As long as I have Pippy, nothing ain't going to stop me!! Well, mostly anything..."
Character Portrait: Belial "Roderick is what my Mother called me. I'm not that boy anymore. So use Belial, please"
Character Portrait: Amon Ad-Raza "Not my fault this administrative stuff is kinda dull..."
Character Portrait: Amador Damiano III "You just need to be patient. The perfect shot will always show up, eventually."
Character Portrait: Sebastion Caine "Ain't no one as fast on the draw as I am."
Character Portrait: Midas "And here, we, go!"
Character Portrait: Vern Baralli "Alrighty then folks, what's next and what does it mean I get to hit? Please tell me I get to atleast hit something..."
Character Portrait: Amon Ad-Raza "We got this people! We've dealt with worse before, so we can contend with this as well!"
Character Portrait: Rhoven Shaw "You have just made an enemy you will wish you hadn't."
Character Portrait: Arlan Laddermore "This wire goes here, this one goes there, then we connect it to here, and now I hope that you don't shock me when you turn it on!"
Character Portrait: Aiyanna Holt "I'll show you what a swig is, Lowens! Nevermind, time to deploy Commandos, move, move, move!"
Character Portrait: Alten Ashley "Um...can I talk to you for a moment...please sir...er...ma'am, captain?"
Character Portrait: Harlan Pendrake "Hey! Hey....! Hey, hey, hey....you...dude...you see the ass..on that chick who just walked by?! No wait...it's a dude....dude you see the ass on the dude who just walked by?!"
Character Portrait: Amador Damiano III "You just need to be patient. The perfect shot will inevitably show itself."
Character Portrait: Harlan Pendrake "Seriously, am I the only one who finds this whole...new world thing kinda trippy? Or is that just the alcohol talking?"
Character Portrait: Filinian Rethimara "For Reimrand and for everyone we know and love."
Character Portrait: Amon Ad-Raza "New world, new places to explore, and lucky us...new things to fight."
Character Portrait: Gorman Carvolo "This will be an interesting problem to have to think around, that's for certain."
Character Portrait: Sun Wukong "Adventure, adventure!! Let's get going and moving, 'cause I am really antsy to get to some exciting antics!!"
Character Portrait: Sun Wukong "Away we go, out into the great unknown to jump, climb, fight, and have fun!!"
Character Portrait: Filinian Rethimara "I really hope I don't get Sea-Sick..."
Character Portrait: Ebenezer Rastin "Ah~, what a wonderful day..... it's always wierd to call it day when I only see stars."
Character Portrait: Sebastian Jiovia "Yes, Cecil. It's great to see you too but please give me SOME space!"