Edgeout » Characters

A list of fictonal characters written by Edgeout as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Kaito Shikibu

Kaito Shikibu, located in Alke

as part of Titans of Alke: Blood and Steel

"L-let's fight together!"

Character Portrait: Alex Chrome

Alex Chrome, located in The Kingdom of Kregune

as part of The Fate of Kregune

"Just your average Mercenary~"

Character Portrait: Seth Nightwing

Seth Nightwing, located in Supernatural Academy

as part of The Academy for the Supernatural

"I have not much to say..."

Character Portrait: Tomoyo Azuki

Tomoyo Azuki, located in Bakery

as part of Hearts Sweets Bakery

"Huh?" (Minor WIP)

Character Portrait: Don Vanderheart

Don Vanderheart, located in Fairway

as part of Fairway

A former cadet in the Magnolia county, who chose to leave after an unforgettable case...