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Universes Created

Living The Teenage Dream

A roleplay for those who want to experience another life, or just want to enjoy a more realistic approach to roleplaying. Takes place in High School age, but many other rps will be available besides just school, ranging from dating, to extra curriculars.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

A roleplay with all girl characters. Basically, it will be roleplaying school, friendships, girl's nights out, etc. Not neccessary to be a real girl, just a girl CHARACTER.

The Lengths I'll Go To...

A boy is accepted to a world-renowned school after he graduates, but was unaware it was an all-girls school! Realizing that it was either this or give up his dream, he decided to attend... as a girl. What will happen when he does?

The Switch

A boy and a girl are good friends, but they disagree on whether it's easier to be a boy or a girl. After a bit of a dispute about it, a freak accident leaves them in each others bodies.

Loving the Huntress

Antiphus lived a normal life in Ancient Greece, but never found anyone he loved... until he met Zoe. Unfortunately, she is a hunter of Artemis, and has sworn off men. How far will he go to be with her?

A Mile In My Shoes

After a blowout in the cafeteria between the male and female population of a local high school, the faculty instates a new idea to grant the students a better understanding: Living in the other gender's shoes, 24-7 (OPEN)

Marvel/DC Alternate Dimensions

A superhero roleplay including both DC AND Marvel. You can be a hero or villain. Here's the catch: You can take any hero already made and change it any way you like.

Why did I make that bet?

After a boy loses a bet with his friends, he has to go the whole summer, AND the school year as a girl. What will happen in this unexpected turn of events?

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