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I have been Role Playing for about 7 years, and spent awhile on Yahoo chat roleplaying, but that died long ago and so I am adrift looking for a home for my character.
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Elrith Eldwind
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05 Sep 2002
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Completed Stories

The Knights Completed

The Knights are the defenders of the Sora System, a galactic republic that has expanded and conquered throughout its history. You are the Knight Elite, the best of the best, but, with enemies around every corner, even the best can be brought down.

The Ultimate Organization III Completed

My name is Nason Valkoven, I was a starman aboard the Sorillian vessel Turn Turtle. I thought hell would be an inferno. Now I know it is a desert. It is New Year's day and I find myself wondering: who else is buried beneath these sands?

The Ultimate Organization IV Completed

This is no longer the age of heroes. This is no longer the age of Knights in shining armour. This is the age of warfare, of soldiers and mystery men lurking in the shadows. This is a new world. A cruel world. And we have no business in it.

Universes Created

Mobile Suit Gundam: Unsung World

Peace is so fragile, and even with everyone wanted to live without war the violence still never ends. Nothing changes, but the fight must be fought. This is an Unsung World

Project: A.I.R.E.S.

While developing Advanced Military AI the team of professionals at the most secure lab in the country with the highest technology available find themselves in Mortal danger from a rampant computer virus.

Lunar Grace

The gods that have for so long vanished form the world are returning. How will these ordinary humans take to their new found godly powers and wil lthe world be better from it? Or will it suffer for it?

Capitol Academy

The Capitol Academy: a prestigious College of tactics, magics, strategy, and various other classes is the place where a young noble or skilled peasant dreams of going to serve the nation. Why? Because this is the school where champions are born.

Magic Most Human

“Congratulations, Mage, on completing your studies and moving on to the next step. We expect great things from you, Mage, as we always do from our new leaders. Welcome to the seat of Government, and welcome to the rest of your life.”

Jedi Council : Rebuilding the Order

This is a CLOSED RP for members of the <Jedi Council> Guild of SWTOR's Begeren Colony server. Please DO NOT APPLY if you are not a player. Thank you.

Skyguard: Rising

A High Fantasy game set in an original universe. You are one of the Skyguard, an ancient and respected order that transcends the races and nations, Dragon riders and Dragons alike join their ranks and soar the skies, ensuring the peace of the world.

Carnes: Broken Worlds

It's been almost twenty years since the Carnes students defeated Ferus. and about five years since everything went to hell... can a new generation put the world back how it was, or is Earth doomed to be enslaved?

Where Gods Dare Not Trod

The people of this land don't believe in gods or devils, all they believe in is the powerful Ancients that protect, and sometimes destroy, their world. Which will you be?

Machines of War

The year is 2257, with the world in three parts and humanity at its peak, who will rise to the top of the world stage?

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