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Character Portrait: Gabriel "Harbringer" Hierarch The "Old-Dog" of the Liberty forces, he is a top ace from both the UWP and Liberty.
Character Portrait: "Seraphim Squadron" The squad of Liberty Ace's who are under the direct command of Gabriel hierarch. THey were trained by him and each one is a specialist who when with the others forms a team unseen on most battlefields
Character Portrait: Saber "It seems that you need something to tip the scales in your favor humans... Well aren't you lucky..."
Character Portrait: Desmond Ruler and Kalen Hols Check inside, new story following their youths together under the history section! Check it out!
Character Portrait: Artemis Maximus A Royal Guard who has been given a second chance to reclaim what was wrongfully taken.
Character Portrait: Artemis Maximus Once a Royal Guard he served with such knights as Commander Roka and after his family???s lands were returned he courted his Wife the 17th Princess Anora of the Royal Family
Character Portrait: Michael Regard Captain of the Seraphim, the home battle cruiser of the "Heaven's Legion" PMC lead by Artemis Maximus, he is a highly decorated and accomplished pilot who was recruited by Artemis three years ago when he was denied Admiralty due to family rank.
Character Portrait: Raziel Sora 17th prince of Sora he is also a stowaway on the Seraphim who know travels with Michael and his brother in law Artemis. Much to their displeasure.
Character Portrait: Ichiro Akihiko Captain of Squad 1 and the Kido Corps he was Captain of Squad 13 for the past 100 years but when the previous captain Commander Died against the Arrancar he was promoted by the Central 46 to the position.
Character Portrait: Gabriel Prince of Albakove and brother to Isabella
Character Portrait: Casian Polarus An Ancient of the Guild of Divinity he is almost as old as the Guild Master and is perhaps the only person who will scold Waa for being impertinant or foolish.
Character Portrait: Casian Polarus The High King of Terrera
Character Portrait: Casian Polarius Crown Prince of the Shar and Alpha Company Commander
Character Portrait: Ichiro Akihiko The Team Leader of Section 6 he's known to most as the Colonel... ironic since he is known to be a flirt with the Major from Section 9
Character Portrait: Maximus Known as the "Major" he is the Captain of the Guard that protects the school, and not an easy man to deal with.
Character Portrait: Desmond Ruler He's not happy about being dragged into this, and if he has his way this game will be this Game Master's last...
Character Portrait: Ichiro Akihiko A Kido Master who should not be underestimated... that is not a healthy thing to do.
Character Portrait: Kazuma A Vasto Lordes that is not always what he seems
Character Portrait: Nathaniel Grant Nunnally's personal Knight and former fiance, he now is driven to find her murderer... and rip them limb from limb! Rawr!
Character Portrait: James Operthand head of research and developement for Nathaniel. he's a strange but brilliant man, who has caught the eyes of many.
Character Portrait: Artemis Ruler Kalen's son, he doesn't like people to bring up his father. Even though he keeps his name...
Character Portrait: Gabriel Hierarch THe Mercenary Squad Commander and a veteran of many battles.
Character Portrait: Jacob Collins The Assistant Director for the Chicago Branch he is a difficult man will a strange demeanour
Character Portrait: Nathaniel Grant "I will not kill... and I will not allow others to kill... Because that's what I've chosen..."
Character Portrait: Desmond Ruler He used to be just another hirule, but now he's the number one trouble maker of the status quo of the monster world, and every monster at the school knows exactly who he is... unsurprisingly, most don't like him.
Character Portrait: Desmond R. Ris III THe GReat Grandson of the man who developed the first Elevator and an aspirign Pilot of the Jupitris Alliance
Character Portrait: Gabriel Defacto Leader of Sanctuary and Eldest of the Ancients.
Character Portrait: Ichiro Akihiko Read his bio, you'll like it!
Character Portrait: Code Name: Gabriel An assassin hired by those who fund the Labs to retrieve their investments...Dead or alive.
Character Portrait: Raziel de la Sora II The 17th Prince of the realm and youngest male of the legitimate line. The youth is both an accomplished young warrior and (being of marriage age now) the nations most elligable Bachelor ;)
Character Portrait: Zeus The first of the new gods he is responsible for gathering all these beings of power in one place. but to what end?
Character Portrait: Artemis Maximus Samantha's Boyfriend and a very powerful magic user he hates humasn, or does he?
Character Portrait: John Mathews Called "Legend" he's one of the most experienced pilots still flying in the Osean Air Force and has old ties to old legends...
Character Portrait: Gabriel Ruler, AKA Caesar An Information broker and investor this is where a Librarian hopes to be, one could say that the 'buck starts and stops' with him.
Character Portrait: Amanda Mortale The 'right hand' of Caesar she is the public face and does the heavy lifting, if he's the brains she's the brawn and she's as deadly as he is smart, possibly more so.
Character Portrait: Desmond M. Ruler A Genius even among mages he is already past his first year on the Hill, and now will be leading the new group of upcoming mages in the Capitol.
Character Portrait: Sam Halford "Anyone up for a friendly duel?"
Character Portrait: Artemis Hulston A Navarene with an electrifying mind and a troubled past to match his fellows
Character Portrait: Desmond Ruler Known as the Time Delay Alchemist, Major Ruler is a veteran and adjunct at the Briggs Mountain Fortress however recently his former commander Fuhrer Mustang has recalled him to Central... why is anyone's guess.
Character Portrait: Andrew Halken A young draftee from New Optain with a complex mindset and a good heart.
Character Portrait: Daniel Realer A Petty Officer who has a reckless disregard for his own life and seemingly no reason to fight.
Character Portrait: Xander Demon of Pride, -Under construction-
Character Portrait: Elrith Eldwind's Characters Raiel de la Sora, Anora de la Sora, Artemis Maximus, Micheal Regard, and others used by Elrith Eldwind.
Character Portrait: Artemis Halken Alpha Company Commander and one guy you don't want to cross.
Character Portrait: Daniel Williams Lieutenant of Alpha Company First Platoon and a member of the proment William's family this skilled marksman can take the wings off a fly.
Character Portrait: Caspian Polaris A Spell-sword whose got a smile on his face, a song in his voice, and a very... very sharp sword on his back
Character Portrait: Aaron Alexander Alberny A Contractor who's just a bit wonky, a bit difficult, and a bit brilliant... He's British... he's like that.
Character Portrait: Gabriel de la Massimo A Tevinter Magister of high authority... well, that was until he was disgraced, forced into a position of Ambassador and sent out to quiet exile...
Character Portrait: Desmond Ruler and Kalen Hols-Ruler A powerhouse couple, well that was back when, now their that old pairing that couldn't conceive so they adopted. kind of.
Character Portrait: Arthur Odysseus Ruler Adopted son of Desmond and Kalen he's a human who has been raised with monsters.
Character Portrait: Azriel Kollure The son of a previous Vanguard of the Skyguard Knights, Azriel was older when his father finally let him apply than most and is now one of the mot senior members of the Academy, and much looked up too by his piers.
Character Portrait: Sephera Halsey An odd Sentinel in that she comes from wealthy stock and yet still joined the order. She is a young and beautiful girl who, like her partner, is often looked up to for her beauty, her intelligence, and her ability.
Character Portrait: Ichiro Akihiko A kido user who is known for his likable nature and natural kido talent, not much else though.
Character Portrait: Raziel Once a prince and now a broken man... he may have been a hope for billions but now he is nothing...
Character Portrait: Caspian Polarus A blacksmith journeyman who has recently started working at the coliseum he's nothing special and not an adventurer.