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Emily3456 member of RPG for 8 years

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At seventeen writing is my biggest passion. Over the last three years I've improved a lot and I really just love this site and everyone on it.

If you have any questions lemme know!! I don't bite. Kinda.

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Do you think you could slid one of your pillows under your bed for me?
Student | Writer
Writing, and the Military when I finish school.
Began Role Playing:
18 Dec 2008
Favorite Role Playing Game:
Anything different.
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Favorite Setting:
Anywhere that lacks blandness.

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1066 total posts.
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Completed Stories

Vampire Knight: Smoke and Mirrors Completed

{Remake} - When God first made Adam, he created Lilith. She was the first woman, a woman made from the same dirt as Adam. When Lilith refused to serve Adam, she was cast from the Garden of Eden and cursed. She became the first vampire.

Fairy Tail||A New Story Completed

Come one! Come all! Welcome to the most famous Guild in all of Fiore, Fairy Tail. Complete

Universes Created

Elfs war

Take This Creature from the wood. Can his rants be understood? Or this Elf tall and fair. Can you trust him? Do you dare? Bad things happen plots get thick can you trust the Elf of wood wick?Read on..the answer shall be there.

Shounen Academy

Three girls in a all boy school...nothing could go wrong right? Wrong. and what's this about the guys having a bet?? ( all girls/Boys are taken, teachers needed other boys can join as normal students!!! ) STARTED!! POST,POST POST....POOOOSSSTTT!!! :D

Kingdom of Blue Haven

When the king and queen are killed they leave everything to there 10 daughters..who want revenge.

Avalon: Web of Magic 2

3 mages 3 worlocks, a great evil,the world of magic slowly dieing..what happens next? ( re-made! )

Trubles Twins

In the world there are Light and Dark like Evil and Good..many years ago people were split in 2, one there evil said one there good side or as in one there light side one the dark side. but did it all start with a black smith and his swords? or his ideas?

Fire's War

Four groups of element users have lived in peace for years..until the Necromancers started the War. now 3 sisters must fight to stop the war..but can they win?..( RP has started still adding other element users!! )

Of The Cursed And Damned

At first the villagers didn't take the curse seriously, until someone tried to leave. All who entered the forest never returned alive. The Cursed could never leave, and The Damned were in control.

Red Snow

What is white? Something that is not red What is red? Beast's in human form who drink the blood of humans..they are..(stared, 3 new roles open)

Vampire Knight:A New Story,A New Chapter

Cross Academy is a school for both vampires and humans. The goal of this? For peace among both.... but it's not as easy when a new evil is among us...FULL!!




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