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Emily3456 member of RPG for 9 years

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At seventeen writing is my biggest passion. Over the last three years I've improved a lot and I really just love this site and everyone on it.

If you have any questions lemme know!! I don't bite. Kinda.
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Do you think you could slid one of your pillows under your bed for me?
Student | Writer
Writing, and the Military when I finish school.
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18 Dec 2008
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Anything different.
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Anywhere that lacks blandness.

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Completed Stories

Vampire Knight: Smoke and Mirrors Completed

{Remake} - When God first made Adam, he created Lilith. She was the first woman, a woman made from the same dirt as Adam. When Lilith refused to serve Adam, she was cast from the Garden of Eden and cursed. She became the first vampire.

Fairy Tail||A New Story Completed

Come one! Come all! Welcome to the most famous Guild in all of Fiore, Fairy Tail. Complete

Universes Created

Shounen Academy

Three girls in a all boy school...nothing could go wrong right? Wrong. and what's this about the guys having a bet?? ( all girls/Boys are taken, teachers needed other boys can join as normal students!!! ) STARTED!! POST,POST POST....POOOOSSSTTT!!! :D

The Element Academy

There were some born with the power of a Element and they've all gone to a great academy..but will the element Elders stop that? ( MORE BOYS NEEDED!! )

Werewolves And Vampires: A Never Ending War

These two species have been at war and have made peace over and over again..but the Treaty has broke..what now?

Never Ending Coma: Fears And Nightmares

What happens when your forced to face all you fears and all your nightmares... What happens when trapped inside your own mind... Can you escape or will your dreams swallow you hole...(Only 6 spots left grab while their hot! )

Avalon: Web of Magic 2

3 mages 3 worlocks, a great evil,the world of magic slowly dieing..what happens next? ( re-made! )

Avatar- A New War

Over 1,000 years has past after the Fire Nation has fallen the the Avater but now a new war has began the Fire Nation has gone at war was the Air,Earth and water Nations again..but a new Avatar is here..can She stop the war with the help of friends?

Kelleson High

Kelleson High is for all 'unhuman' things like Vampires,Werewolves,ShapeShifters etc,etc.. but not all students are friends in fact some students are enemys! and it all just gets worst when humans stumble into the school grounds and get in rolled.

The Ten Elements

A known evil has come over earth once again now it is up to 10 teens and the powers of the elements in them to save the world.

Sailing the Great Seven Seas!

A war has been started by the Black Coats who vow to take down any pirate..so a great and young capt set out to find a new crew of pirates that are willing to fight..how will this turn out?

House of Night: Nyx's Bidding

Many years have passed sinse Zoey Rebird became the High priestss of The House of Night Nyx has chosen a new Fledgling and has once again marked her as her own and with help she may fullfill her new found destiny..( Needs Wind!!! )

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