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At seventeen writing is my biggest passion. Over the last three years I've improved a lot and I really just love this site and everyone on it.

If you have any questions lemme know!! I don't bite. Kinda.
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Do you think you could slid one of your pillows under your bed for me?
Student | Writer
Writing, and the Military when I finish school.
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18 Dec 2008
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Anything different.
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Anywhere that lacks blandness.

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Completed Stories

Vampire Knight: Smoke and Mirrors Completed

{Remake} - When God first made Adam, he created Lilith. She was the first woman, a woman made from the same dirt as Adam. When Lilith refused to serve Adam, she was cast from the Garden of Eden and cursed. She became the first vampire.

Fairy Tail||A New Story Completed

Come one! Come all! Welcome to the most famous Guild in all of Fiore, Fairy Tail. Complete

Universes Created

Blood Promie

Five sisters live in a small town and go for a walk in the woods one night..they sit down to rest for little and slowly fall asleep..when they wake up they wake in a odd houses with a guy staring at them..but the guy is a vampire? (all spots full sorry!)

Red Snow

What is white? Something that is not red What is red? Beast's in human form who drink the blood of humans..they are..(stared, 3 new roles open)

The Red Eyes In The Foggy Forest

2 clans went to war years ago now a group of teens walk into there forest and get stuck in the middle of it all..but what happens when some of the Vampires start to fall in love with he humans? ( read on to know what happens! :P )

The Six Forgotten Worriers

Legend says a great time ago in war Six worriers stepped up and won for the Light while fighting the darkness. but in order to win they lost there lives. when they died there swords went missing..till now.. ( 12 main people for this rp and Others. )

The Lost Ones

2000 years ago The Lost Ones were banished into another world so they could do no harm to The Kingdom of Amro but they have got free and intend to in-slave the kingdom once again. ( 3 spots left!! we need more princes!! all lost one's spots are full )

Fire's War

Four groups of element users have lived in peace for years..until the Necromancers started the War. now 3 sisters must fight to stop the war..but can they win?..( RP has started still adding other element users!! )

Trubles Twins

In the world there are Light and Dark like Evil and Good..many years ago people were split in 2, one there evil said one there good side or as in one there light side one the dark side. but did it all start with a black smith and his swords? or his ideas?

Vampire Knight: The Devil's Deal

A fairy tale is a fictional story made up of imaginative creatures that aren't real. At least...that's what they want you to think. The creature's are all to real.

Honer kingdom, No More

there were once 5 Nation's of element usrers. The Fire kingdom,The Air kingdom,The Earth kingdom,The Water kingdom and The Honer Kingdom.the Honer Kingdom can use all elements the kingdoms lived in peace but then the Fire kingdom started war.

Shounen Academy

Three girls in a all boy school...nothing could go wrong right? Wrong. and what's this about the guys having a bet?? ( all girls/Boys are taken, teachers needed other boys can join as normal students!!! ) STARTED!! POST,POST POST....POOOOSSSTTT!!! :D

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