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The 6th Order Leader is Dead!

The passing of 6th Order founder and Terrorist Histofor gives rise to new order and division, signaling the end of his reign as leader of the once powerful 6th order. A band of his loyal followers, now calling themselves “The Final Order,” hope to finally execute his plan to bring order to The Multiverse through chaos:

Only by removing all forms of leadership can the people truly break free from the shackles binding them to servitude, obedience and mediocrity.

Reports coming in from earlier this week say the 6th Order religious sect, The Light of Faith, loyalists to Harashaz, do not support the agenda of the Final Order. Sources within the organization confirm their reliance on the 6th order military discipline to strengthen their religious teachings.

Previously silent Light of Faith teacher, Haptu-S’Zazz has come forward to declare:

Only through the union of higher protection and advancements in technology may we find liberation from the political agendas of those who would sow chaos. Nothing is more dangerous to the stability of the region than the false promises of the heretics and undisciplined followers of dead politicians. For this reason, we are sharing all useful technology with the Aschen in hopes to establish a working peace and put an end to the Final Order.

If the alliance is formed, this could mean the days of the 6th order are truly behind us. At least, for the short term. Whispers have begun to circulate which suggest that at least two members of the Final Order have received a secret message from their leader, just before he passed on. If this message involves the location and start up codes for the rumored “chaos collider,” Quadrantem Alpha may be have strange days ahead. Keep your eyes on this space for real time updates … as we get them.

Jay Azzar, reporting for IGN, your Intergalactic News Network, with The INN: NOW. Stay tuned!

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We are live, reporting to you from right outside the edges of what's known as the Sirius Star System, where an anomaly has been spotted: a native space-faring vessel, departing. This departure provokes a shocking question for those who are familiar with the Sirius Star System: How?

For the entirety of recorded history in the Milky Way Galaxy, the planet Gaia of the Sirius Star System has been considered to be untouchable. All who tried to land on it's surface found themselves crashed, each vessel's crew never heard from again. There was something about the planet Gaia that didn't allow technology to exist there, beyond a point. While the majority of the galaxy continue to wonder what happens on the surface of Gaia, one civilization has managed to gather first hand knowledge straight from the surface of the planet.

That's right, folks: Gaia is no longer untouchable.

This untouchable status was broken by none other than the Taiyou Empire. Galactic citizens may recall rumor of a terrorist attack against the city of Niihama by natives from the planet Gaia. This attack has been confirmed by sources within the Taiyou empire who wish to remain anonymous. While many sources dispute who exactly the attacker was, there's always one commonality: Vikings.

Now, here, we witness the passing of not one, but two, Gaian-native vessels- Viking vessels, our sources have confirmed.

Just how did the natives of the planet Gaia, known throughout the Milky Way Galaxy for it's barrier of technology and lack there of, make it this far? Is this the direct result of contact with the Taiyou Empire? Will the Vikings terrorize the next civilization they come into contact with, or will they simply pass them by much as they did the Intergalactic News Network Cruiser we're reporting to you from?

Stay tuned and follow this story only onINN: NOW.


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