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The King Sword Open

If you had the power to change the world for the better, would you do it? What if there was a price to be paid, a sacrifice? Would you put aside your morality and commit a crime against the innocent for the greater good?

Shackled by Fate Open

{Characters Currently Taken}

Welcome to LAIOS Part I Open

This is the preliminary rp to a future group rp so you may read and follow along if you are interested in joining the developing group rp.

Welcome to LAIOS Part II Open

Welcome to your new virtual life. The catch is, you can't log out and if your hp drops to zero... well, you won't be returning to the Real World.

The Alloyed Generation Open

Scientists are playing God again, urging the evolution of a new kind of human but will it pay off or just end in tragedy?

Dirge of the Underworld Open

This is a private role-play between FaddedFox and Scar.-

Rising Tensions Open

What did happen to the worlds that were devoured by darkness after Kingdom Hearts was locked and Organization XIII dismantled?

Heart of the Fae Open

Why don't you come read and find out? :3 1x1