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FallenSeraphim37 here, you can call me Fallen or Seraphim. Now I've not been around here for a while, haha. ^^; Back from hiatus and trying to get a feel of anything new.
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In the clouds, boy. In the clouds.
Most likely writing stories. Video games are also my interest. Roleplaying, of course. Dragons, wolves.... fantasies. And anime. A lot of things spark my interest......
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Dark Souls
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Probably in a parallel universe.

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Universes Created

Of Dreamers and Anima

We think we live in a normal world. We do not know that there is another world, far within the mirrors. And a war has broken out......

Eternus- Land of Grim Reapers

Welcome to this dark land, new Grim Reaper. Are you ready to start liberating?

Genesis: The Secret Annihilation Team

The modern world. Crime crawling everywhere. Hell, even police can't keep it under control. But there's a secret group. And they've all got strange abilities....

The War of the Mirror World

Gah! I accidentally created another one, just with a different title! Please join the "Of Dreamers and Anima" instead.

Rhythm Shootout

It was a game. A game where you had to make music in order to win. Yeah, sounds stupid. But there's a strange player- And she awaits a new opponent.

Beating Heart Cafe

The strange cafe down the corner seemed to perk at the interests of people. They enter, not knowing that there, they were going to find their love.

The Torn War

Angels, demons. Torn apart by the war. But there is one type that only a few have remembered- Fallen Angels.

Kagerou Project: The Gang's New Members

So things were alright now. The peace has settled. It was over- But it was the beginning of a new Dan. New members have appeared- What do the original members think? (OCs allowed.)

Roxin Pact

The energy of the world is growing stronger and stronger by the generations. In one desperate move to protect the rest of the universe, Fate, Time, and Space seek the help of Roxins- Those who serve under Magic.

Breaking Message

There are rumors that if you die at a specific time, you'll meet a monster and you have to make a contract with it. Now, let me tell you something- They're real.

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