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Fallout Decree member of RPG for 5 years

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Experienced Roleplayer, Mapper, And Historian.

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Fallout Decree
Toledo, Ohio
Int. LLC
ARMA III The Elder Scrolls Star Wars Anything Alt Modern or Alt Post Modern is fun.
Began Role Playing:
12 Jun 2009
Favorite Role Playing Game:
The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall
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Favorite Setting:
Definantly the Elder Scrolls Univer

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14.19 posts per roleplay.
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Universes Created

Blood Vendetta's

The year is 1921. Organized Crime has become rather popular and the massive amount of immigration from Europe has brought over mafia's from all the different countries. They don't like eachother at all and wage crime wars against eachother....

WWIII: The war within

NATO has disolved and the US has been plunged into a Worldwide Conflict. Do you have the skills To survive WWIII?

Gang Wars: Blood Money

Its Cruel World out there, and some aren't fit to fight it out alone. Its a fact that there's safety in numbers, and with Money being the only thing useful in the world, its time to gang up and get some.

Tales of the Second Great Pony War

1X1 With deathdisciple. Because, ponies. Theyre Awesome. (I dunno, might Accept Other characters if theyre good.)

Brony/Pegasister Round Up

Just a place where any bronies and pegasisters can gather.

Fallout: Vale

East California, 2282. The Victory of Caesars Legion at Hoover Dam, and the Combined attacks on the Strip have Crippled the NCR and allowed the Legionarres to move farther West in a Continued Onslaught.

The Pinnacle of Liberty

A terrorist group has Constructed a Nuclear Warhead in hopes to eliminate Israel and The US from the map. Can you stop them?

Fallout Brotherhood: Outpost Austin

Welcome to Toledo Ohio....The most hellish place on earth...

Star Wars: The Era Of Magnus

The Empire has Risen again and the New Republic must Scour to defend against another rule of Tyranny.




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