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FalloutRomanae member of RPG for 8 years

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I've been role-playing (with dice and pencils and books and paper) outside of this forum since I was seven, but this is my first computer forum role-playing thingy.
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18 posts per roleplay.
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Basic Information

church choir, high school, opera
languages (esp. Latin and German!), Lord of the Rings, fencing, choral & broadway singing (yes, you can do both well), drawing, tap dancing, psychology
Favorite Role Playing Game:
Fallout: the Radiated Tales
Game Master:
Favorite Setting:
WW 2, Fallout

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Universes Created

The Most Persistent Illusion

What if the history you thought was real was made up? What if there were other worlds? What if those other worlds didn't want you to know about that history?

Can I Help You?

You're in Home Depot one day when the zombie apocalypse starts. (PRIVATE ROLEPLAY)

Forgotten Fairytales Reboot

Everybody in your town is a fairytale character, but the evil queen sent all of them including herself to a new world (Earth), where there are no happiness and no happy endings.

Let the Game Begin! For Real.

So, a group of roleplayers accidentally change into their characters. Then what?

When the Game Begins. For Real.

A group of roleplayers accidentally change into their characters... and then what?

Wreck-it Ralph and... Master Chief?

What would happen if Fix-it Felix Jr., Sugar Rush, and Hero's Duty were plugged in next to Halo or Call of Duty? One side plays the modern characters, and one side plays the old ones. Have fun!

Deserted: Dare or Die

Stranded in the desert, you must make it home before you get lost... and die.

Takin' Over the Asylum

What happens when you take a salesman, make him a disc jockey, and stick him in a mental hospital?

The Leatus Dominionate Remake

The Leatus Dominonate, The House of Dreams, is a wonderful place inhabited by a beautiful but lonely Goddess. In desperation for companionship, she offers to grant a wish to anyone who will agree to live with her in heaven. But there is always a catch...

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Ita, ibi stabamus, et... Oh, ignosce mihi, was I speaking Latinam iterum? So sorry, ego really must work in ille. Anyway, back to fabulam meam, So, we were standing ibi, et...