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Felilla » Characters

A list of fictional characters written by Felilla as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Rowan Anderson

Rowan Anderson, located in Havengade Heights

as part of Celestian

"Nobody has the right to choose who you are going to be. That choice belongs to you."

Character Portrait: Yuuki Kasai

Yuuki Kasai, located in Yokai Academy

as part of The Yokai Academy

A bit of a WIP

Character Portrait: Josephine Layton

Josephine Layton, located in Cirque du Mystique

as part of Cirque du Mystique

"I'm exactly where I want to be."

Character Portrait: Lisia Hallowell

Lisia Hallowell, located in Deamore

as part of The Liberation Front

"Go away. Now. Just go. Please go. No, no. GO! Ugh..."

Character Portrait: The Leader

The Leader, located in The World of Avatar the Last Airbender

as part of Avatar: The New Legend

"Evil is a subjective term..."

Character Portrait: Kindle Kale

Kindle Kale, located in Knott

as part of Things that go Bump in the Night

"I really don't care what you think of me. Now, would you be so kind as to get out of the way?"

Character Portrait: Marcus Lorde

Marcus Lorde, located in Arcadia

as part of With Darkness Comes Light

"Your dreams aren't very realistic."

Character Portrait: Cecily Evercott

Cecily Evercott, located in Renaissance England

as part of Our Rebirth

"Fate has an odd way of working everything out, don't you think?"

Character Portrait: Frances Melbourne

Frances Melbourne, located in Renaissance England

as part of Our Rebirth

"I was given everything I wanted, only to have what I needed stripped away from me."

Character Portrait: Mara "Red Water" Vana

Mara "Red Water" Vana, located in Nassau

as part of Pirates: By Blood or By Gold

"I care not what I have done."

Character Portrait: Celia Helvana

Celia Helvana, located in Nassau

as part of Pirates: By Blood or By Gold

"I am simply searching for the only comfort I have in this world."

Character Portrait: Romai Peterson

Romai Peterson, located in Syringa, Michigan

as part of Flax Knot and Larkspur

"It's My Life"~Bon Jovi

Character Portrait: Fate Arina

Fate Arina, located in Thirteen Thirty-One

as part of Thirteen Thirty-One

"Calatte and I dream of a better world."

Character Portrait: Carnie Vopal

Carnie Vopal, located in Gamerz Universe

as part of Gamerz

"What a good idea!" ~That has to be the most idiotic idea I have ever heard.~

Character Portrait: Hikari Akiyuki

Hikari Akiyuki, located in UN City

as part of Appleseed

"I am a soldier, a friend, and human."

Character Portrait: Delta Isolate

Delta Isolate, located in Spiralis Major Galaxy

as part of Somewhere Among the Stars

"I may be a genius, but I'm still human."

Character Portrait: Apollo Noire

Apollo Noire, located in Spiralis Major Galaxy

as part of Somewhere Among the Stars

"When I had no one, she came like a savior sent by the gods."

Character Portrait: Katalin Volkov

Katalin Volkov, located in Xavier's School for Gifted Young People

as part of Xmen: Rise of the Shadows

"My only goal is to protect Job and keep him safe from the horrors that lie beyond these walls."

Character Portrait: Layton Bates

Layton Bates, located in Post-Apocalyptic America

as part of Bullets and Brains

"Who wants to hear about the time I almost punched a police officer?"

Character Portrait: Asha Jin

Asha Jin, located in The World of Avatar the Last Airbender

as part of Avatar: The New Legend

"I will be who I want to be, protect who I want to protect, and love who I want to love, and you can't stop me.

Character Portrait: Avalon Delta

Avalon Delta, located in Arcadia

as part of With Darkness Comes Light

"We can choose to do the right thing."

Character Portrait: Aspen Bates

Aspen Bates, located in Post-Apocalyptic America

as part of Bullets and Brains

"My mom always told me to keep moving forward, but I just want to stay where I am now."

Character Portrait: Usagi Akimori

Usagi Akimori, located in Airdalen Highschool

as part of Love School Drama

"I won't forget, I promise."

Character Portrait: Aranda DelFord

Aranda DelFord, located in The Forest Asylum

as part of Forest Asylum

"I don't really care."

Character Portrait: Payton Merrill

Payton Merrill, located in New Orleans

as part of Dancing with Demons

"You're being irrational."

Character Portrait: Zallia Nevir

Zallia Nevir, located in Terra Firma

as part of Twisted Realities

"I will guard you to my last breath."

Character Portrait: Megumi Himura

Megumi Himura, located in Nakamura

as part of Life is a Highway

"I don't want to be forgotten."

Character Portrait: Lyra Hensworth

Lyra Hensworth, located in Verreie

as part of Until The End: The Battle of the Gods

"Fire isn't destruction. It is a beacon for the lost."

Character Portrait: Kimiko Yama

Kimiko Yama, located in Yokai Academy

as part of The Yokai Academy

"Please, leave me alone..."

Character Portrait: Tomoyo Wantanabe

Tomoyo Wantanabe, located in Nakamura

as part of Life is a Highway

"I was reading an article about martians and..."

Character Portrait: Luci

Luci, located in supernatural Hill school camp.

as part of supernatural Hill school camp.

"I have fallen from God's Grace. I am the great and powerful Lucifer! Would you like a snowcone?"

Character Portrait: Celana Sirius

Celana Sirius, located in Arcane Kingdom of Mercia

as part of The Arcane Kingdom

"I'm just in it for the money."

Character Portrait: Ambrosia Velius

Ambrosia Velius, located in Ancient Rome

as part of Amphitheatrum Flavium

"I will not bend simply because I am a woman."

Character Portrait: The Cardmistress

The Cardmistress, located in Earth

as part of The Defenders of Earth

"Only the Cards know what lies ahead."

Character Portrait: Rosina Cassidy

Rosina Cassidy, located in Sentinel Academy

as part of The World Belongs to Us

"Justice is truth, but what sometimes seems like the truth is not justice."

Character Portrait: Tsukiko Yama

Tsukiko Yama, located in Toei Subway

as part of Rhythm Brawl: The Conflict of Tokyo, Japan

"I'm a hell of a lot deadlier than I look."

Character Portrait: Air Porter

Air Porter, located in Hedley, California

as part of Hedley State University


Character Portrait: Willow Foster

Willow Foster, located in New York, USA

as part of The Organization: New World Order

"Is that a toaster?! I want some!"

Character Portrait: Mira

Mira, located in Training Area

as part of Project Epsilon

"You should do, not say."

Character Portrait: Yui Kyoko

Yui Kyoko, located in Hyogo, Japan

as part of Class 2-A

"I really don't want to be like this..."

Character Portrait: Emiko

Emiko, located in Tokyo, Japan

as part of Android: Emotions

"I get it! I'm not human! Stop pointing out the obvious!"

Character Portrait: Saga Leopold

Saga Leopold, located in In The World Of Mirana

as part of The World of Mirana

Saga is a skilled assassin out for her parents' murderer's blood and loves money.

Character Portrait: Allete Cresting

Allete Cresting, located in Wonderland

as part of The Aces of Wonderland

"I have done things that I am not proud of, but I have brought light to this dark world."

Character Portrait: Catalina Morris

Catalina Morris, located in Apocalyptic Earth

as part of The Remnants

"It's mine and that's final."

Character Portrait: Tara Lysander

Tara Lysander, located in America

as part of Among the Hidden

"We need to decide if this is how we want to live."

Character Portrait: Ryna Aivr

Ryna Aivr, located in Cleein

as part of Twisted Realities

Princess of the Elves

Character Portrait: Pan Krane

Pan Krane, located in Cape Casanova

as part of Cape Casanova II

"Shh... If you talk any louder, they might hear you in Japan."

Character Portrait: Lottie Coulson

Lottie Coulson, located in Esterview Academy

as part of Esterview Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry

"Life is worth living for. Friends are worth dying for."

Character Portrait: Era Grey

Era Grey, located in OCVille

as part of OC Storage


Character Portrait: Olivier Gray

Olivier Gray, located in California

as part of Hollywood High School


Character Portrait: Poppy Ashford

Poppy Ashford, located in England

as part of Holmes Academy


Character Portrait: Carina

Carina, located in Poplar Grove

as part of Bedtime Stories

"If I could get paid for reading and inventing, I would."