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The Liberation Front Open

The once beautiful country of Deamore has been taken over and fallen into despair. The only ones willing to fight for their freedom is the Liberation Front.

Celestian Open

Several teenagers with strange abilities are sent to the most prestigious school in 2019 America. What secrets does the seemingly normal school hide? {ACCEPTING}

Android: Emotions Open

Androids have been a reality for a long time now, but what happens when the first emotional Androids are created? {1 OPEN SPOT}

Avatar: The New Legend Open

It's been hundreds of years since an Avatar was born, but a threat is slowly destroying the peace of the world and a new Avatar is discovered.

The Aces of Wonderland Open

In Wonderland, it's the typical good guys versus the bad guys story with the entire world's balance hanging by the lives of five seemingly normal teenagers. {14 OPEN SPOTS}

Our Rebirth Open

It is the Renaissance Era and people that aren't quite human are hiding among the good people of the English Court. [7 OPEN SPOTS//NEED MORE MALES]

Life is a Highway Open

With four close families in one town, drama is bound to ensue. High school life, work, and growing up can be hard, but family and friends make everything so much easier.

With Darkness Comes Light Open

Most remember it as the day the world went crazy. You remember it as the day you found your destiny. {5 SPOTS OPEN}