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Firewind member of RPG for 7 years

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I'm just a guy who likes to tell stories and have fun. That is all.

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The Legend of Zelda
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Completed Stories

Reign of Dragons : Rebooted Completed

Tensions are thick, the three powers fight amongst themselves. In the shadows a group emerges with the deadly intent to raise an old, powerful enemy. With the cities at each others throats already, it'll take someone else to stop the evil from rampaging.

The Tribes of Imos || Remake Completed

Experience the wonders of Imos. Use your powers to create or destroy, strive towards peace or chaos. It's all in your hands.

Universes Created

The Grey Ronin

(Private Story Between nannaramma and I)

Resistance: Shadow of the Tyrant

A Kingdom was enslaved by a ruthless Emperor, A people wanting revenge. A rebellion to begin. (more inside!)

The Saga of Orashin: Blade of Serin

(This is a Remake of an old RP I made. May become private small group if it doesn't garner attention) Serin undergoes a dark threat, and it's only hope is a reclusive Forest Dweller inking out survival without caring about the outside.

Sail Across the Skies

(Private story between maccotango and myself!)

Ronin: For Honor and Life

(Private Story between Daleeria and I)

Exiled: a Knight's Story

(Private Roleplay between Skullsandslippers and Firewind)

Grey Ronin Chronicles

(A private story between SarcasticZombie and Firewind)

Defenders of Fenarin: Secrets Reborn

When a Dark Cult threatens to spread chaos and misery by awakening an ancient evil, who will stand and be the only hope for the world? (Reboot! More Inside!)

Rage of a Ruined World

(Private Story between Firewind an Enkokasumi!)




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