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A list of fictonal characters written by Fishbucket as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Ifrit Atundai

Ifrit Atundai, located in Genesis

as part of The Multiverse

There is a place where there is nothing. No life, no matter, nothing at all. From the abyss of this void, some thing peers out at us all, watching... Waiting... Wanting...

Character Portrait: King Galadaius Eroque Tanno Asylia

King Galadaius Eroque Tanno Asylia, located in Grand Entrance

as part of The Multiverse

A King is a servant of his people, bound by chains of devotion and faith. He must serve, and he must serve well, for if he doesn't then all will suffer, but none more so than he.

Character Portrait: William Dorsun

William Dorsun, located in Niihama

as part of The Multiverse

A plain, bespectacled man of average height and appearance. Were it not for his distinct dress, he would seem a clerk or some other such. In his eyes is the light of knowledge. He knows, and you do not.

Character Portrait: Princess Halena Asylia

Princess Halena Asylia, located in Scylla

as part of The Multiverse

Before you is a young woman, she cannot be any older than thirteen. She is unremarkable, average. Nothing about her bespeaks of any importance save for her eyes, which carry within them a force you can neither comprehend nor withstand.

Character Portrait: Dragon King Andolen Talmorra

Dragon King Andolen Talmorra, located in Fort Talmora

as part of Aeronne, Realm of Ascension

The Infamous "Dragon King" of Talmorra is but the latest, if indeed the most dangerous, conquerer to come to Aeronne in search of power.

Character Portrait: Tolend Dathar

Tolend Dathar, located in Scylla

as part of The Multiverse

Before you stands a silent, stoic, and foreboding figure. Clad in solid and polished platemail, he nonetheless moves with effortless grace and speed.

Character Portrait: Liu Modurlaus

Liu Modurlaus, located in The Sixth College

as part of The Multiverse

"When life takes your arm, give it the finger as well"

Character Portrait: Highlord Dorant Magthulia

Highlord Dorant Magthulia, located in Master's Foyer

as part of The Multiverse

Pray that he comes in peace, for you will not survive war with him.

Character Portrait: Agarran Magthulia

Agarran Magthulia, located in Frozen Valley

as part of The Multiverse

Two miles from the tip of snout to the edge of tail, and nearly six miles from wing tip to wing tip, this absolutely massive creature glares with eyes as cold as the icy world in which he dwells

Character Portrait: Ean Falcor

Ean Falcor, located in The Cobalt Glaive

as part of The Multiverse

Captain Ean Falcor stands at an imposing six foot four, with a lean build, fair skin, and long light brown. His cloths are dusty, but his smile bright.

Character Portrait: N'dal Mua Hanai

N'dal Mua Hanai, located in Skyfall Citadel

as part of The Multiverse

A Firran, A predatory feline humanoid, resembling a cross between a man and a jungle cat. It's eyes show a clear and vibrant intelligence.

Character Portrait: Admiral Ilia Thauce

Admiral Ilia Thauce, located in The Unglauss

as part of The Multiverse

In Asylia, it is said that if you seek to move a mountain, then you must first break it into pieces. In Asylia, those who move mountains are revered as leaders.

Character Portrait: Tiffany Amed'dali

Tiffany Amed'dali, located in The Cobalt Glaive

as part of The Multiverse

"Once I was as sure as the stones beneath us all, but now I can trust nothing, not even myself."

Character Portrait: Pilav "Bulldog" Auni

Pilav "Bulldog" Auni, located in The Infinite Void

as part of The Multiverse

The Bulldog of the eighty forth mercenary fleet, captain of the strike carrier "Ashborne". Native born to Narita, recruited into the Mercenary fleet via Asylian Wolves subversive operations.

Character Portrait: Lord Andolen Thatcher

Lord Andolen Thatcher, located in Astrius Academy Classrooms

as part of The Multiverse

A man stands before you, regal and dire. His countenance is that of an emperor, and it leaves little doubt that he is nobility.

Character Portrait: Eric Talmoren

Eric Talmoren, located in Van Leugen

as part of The Multiverse

It never mattered who was behind the mask, under the armor. What mattered was that he was willing to carry the shield

Character Portrait: Xylose Agullian

Xylose Agullian, located in Ming Dojo

as part of The Multiverse

"Those who use their eyes to see, are easily lost in the twists of fate and destiny. Those who follow their heart and act in instinct, their feet follow a true path."

Character Portrait: Dalen Artosola

Dalen Artosola, located in Aries Ocean

as part of The Multiverse

"I don't need a reason to help someone... That's what you said to me once, isn't it? Well that's why I do what I do for them, because I believe that they deserve a hero like you."

Character Portrait: Iliatorie

Iliatorie, located in AC-215

as part of The Multiverse

An Escion Dragon of the Tarragon Collective, Iliatorie is by her nature a warrior, but by her practice, a diplomat. At times it is unclear which of these two rolls she is trying to fulfill.