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Aeronne, Realm of Ascension Open

In Aeronne one can find a great many things. Gold and Glory are but the most minor. This is a land where there truly is no limit to what ambition can achieve.

Shalcora: The World of Ten Open

Shalcora suffered from a daemonic invasion that lasted for Billions of years. The Daemons were defeated, and now only small pockets of them remain. It is a time for growth, a time for eager adventurers to seek out fame and fortune!

Journey to Orion Closed

At long last, after centuries of innovation and progress, Humanity has taken it's first, tentative steps towards interplanetary travel. Our journey through space has begun, and with it a new chapter in history!

Rise Asylia! Closed

An empire lies in ruin, the lord cast down by jealous nobles in a coup.. In treachery they have torn the kingdom asunder, and now vie for control, while the people suffer. The only hope is in the heir to the throne, but what can one girl do?

The Powers that Be Closed

The city was a pretty average place before the shattering of the caps, but then the shockwave rocked it to the core, and everything and everyone... changed.

All that was Lost Closed

The end didn't come with fanfare and fire, it was not a sudden change that we would notice. It was quiet, almost peaceful. The only time we really noticed that it had happened, was when ash began to fall, and the world grew cold.

The Ether Core Closed

The gods of the past are the heroes of today, as the secrets to their existence is revealed, so too is the reason for their downfall and betrayal. What threatens the might of beings known as gods, and what horrors does it seek to bring?