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Got into role playing when I was about 16. Started off with d&d. Then when I turned 18 I tried DMing and it was great! In the past year or so, me and a group of friends have experimented with custom RPGs that I created. The 1st one was Cosmic Valor, which I have developed into 3 chapters.

Overtime I got into a a variety of different rpg genres.
19,737 words written.
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Colorado, USA
I have 2 part time jobs.
Reading, Writing, Gaming, hanging with friends :v)
Began Role Playing:
17 Jul 2011
Favorite Role Playing Game:
Rise of the Ark (custom rp)
Game Master:
Favorite Setting:
A warm evening hanging with friends

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Universes Created

Rise of Elementals

Twelve have been chosen in the dead of night... Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Light and Darkness. Now that Evil has taken physical form, the fate of the world rests in their hands..


In the near future, a group of ordinary people realize their destiny as they discover they have the power of gods. Now, in a time when WW3 seems inevitable, these "New gods" must choose a side...

Contact: Fall of Earth

The current year is 2042 AD. It has been a decade since the alien blood feud ravaged the planet. But now, as a 3rd alien race appears in the sky, a small group of people are forced to work together to survive.

Ascendance Chapter One, Remnants

An original, futuristic Hero/Villain universe placed in the late 23rd century.

Defiance: Rise of The Templar

2135 AD, a century after the pantheon wars when the pagan gods took dominion over the planet. But with humanity under divine oppression, the resistance has a plan to fight back.

Ultimate Zombie Apocalypse

Ultimate Zombie Apocalypse, its happened. 99% of the human race has been infected. But a team of four survivors continue to thrive. But something's happened, the zombies are mutating...

World of Chrome

A unique high fantasy world where many races exist. There are many different warring nations and terrifying monsters which roam the land. Now its time for a group of adventurous heroes to rise up. (DEAD)


A medieval, high fantasy, open role play world where the characters can freely explore the world around them.

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