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Well, I've been on this site for over two years, so I should probably write a bio. I started roleplaying years ago on the Runescape forums, where I (and just about everyone else) sucked miserably at it. However, I like to think that I've become considerably better at it over the years. I'll be starting my AS-Levels (History, English Literature, Classical Civilisation & Politics) in a few months, but until then I have plenty of time to lurk around on the forums.
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West Yorkshire, England
Music, reading, video games, anime, writing, theatre, sleeping.
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0- 0-2008
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Fire Emblem
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Completed Stories

Fairy Tail||A New Story Completed

Come one! Come all! Welcome to the most famous Guild in all of Fiore, Fairy Tail. Complete

Universes Created

Fire Emblem: Resurrection

1x1 between Flexar and 10tanksonawall.

Shards of Hope

At a time when the Dark is growing in strength, the only man with the knowledge to stop them is dead. However, he left behind one fragment of hope, his protege. Now he and his ragtag band of "heroes" must face an ever growing power, alone.

Golden Sun: Inquisition

Many years after the Grave Eclipse ended, being an adept has been declared a crime. Adepts are now hunted down and executed for crimes they have never committed, and monsters are multiplying rapidly. Is there still hope, or is Angara lost?

Fire Emblem: Conquest

It has been over 500 years since the War of the Stones, and Magvel has since recovered. However, a new evil threatens Magvel, one that it has never before seen.


The apocalypse has arrived, and the Destroyer is threatening to tear apart the world. Six warriors have been summoned to The Arena in a desperate attempt to find the one who will bring salvation. (Based off Chaos Rings, but no knowledge is required.)

The Branded

A group of rookies from the Garthian military have set a prophecy into motion that is said to determine the fate of the world. Two groups believe that their god will bring prosperity, but which group is right?

Tales from Elsewhere

A group of teenagers are whisked away to another world; a world of magic and foreign civilizations. They now hunt down and old legend in search of a way home. Will they find it, or will they be trapped in this world forever?

Tales of the Otherworld

Taakeira is a land of unrest and war, not a land you would want to wake up in alone. For one teen, exactly that has happened. Thrown together with a band of strangers, they search for a means to return home.


Taakeira is once again on the brink of war only 30 years after its last. To make matters worse, rifts are spawning around the globe and spewing forth monstrosities. But from one rift comes a glimmer of hope: a person.

Sabbaths of the Ancients

There are special days every year known as Sabbaths when the Old Gods will reach out and implant some of their power in a newborn baby. These children are taken and executed by the Clergy. Some escaped the Clergy's grasp, but for how long? (New spot open)

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