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Hi, I'm FrankieFrightful and I like a number of things like The Sims, Music, Drawing, Writing,
Roleplaying, My laptop, I like LOTS of things! One thing you need to know about me is that I'm
incredibly random and crazy! That's all I will tell.
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Universes Created

Suzuki Boarding School

Suzuki Boarding School is a boarding school for Goths, Emo's, Skater Dudes, Kindergartens, Rich kids you name it!

When Will it End?: The University Years

Your into your first year of University and you hope to enjoy it but when it's full of groups, wars, relationships and more. Are you up for the battle?


So. 2012 came. Solar flares blew out the world's power, rendering electronics useless. Duh. Sure, your phone battery may last a while, but you can't exactly call anybody. No big deal, you say! I'll just get on my compute- oh. What about game- oh.

The Ghost Children

The Ghost Children wait till Midnight, When your all tucked up in bed. They come out to take the dead...

High school is Hell!

ENDED! Due to lack of Activity and players!

Diapered Dreams

Your only a toddler/child and find yourself leaving your mommy/daddy (Or both) for a strange place named Rainbow Ridge Kindergarten? Children and Teachers/Daycare Workers needed!

Haven Hill College

Haven Hill College is a College for fine arts and is a fine establishment for all students. But what will happen when the scholarship kids and rich kids collide.

Life After College...

10 Young Adults (5 Girls. 5 Boys) who went to College and School together meet again for a TV show. How will it all turn out? Drama? Relationships? Breakups? Come and join to find out!

High Hill Academy

High Hill is a school that is pretty good school with every subject covered although you don't need to go to every subject. There is lots to do here at High Hill...

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