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A Past Far Off Open

A war has broken out between humans and vampires in England during the Middle ages.. This battle is gruesome, ruthless, and dangerous. Will you survive?(Dead)

Racing Death Open

It started off as just another adrenaline rushing race ,that was before someone started sabotaging all the cars. Now the engineers and tech-crew are being held captive and the racers are left in the middle of nowhere, racing to see who's the one that dies

Fahrenheit 500 Open

A year after Fahrenheit 451, Guy Montag has joined a band of readers. They are rebels who fight for the lives of books and most of the time they don't get caught, but when they do everyone else has their backs.

Seasons of Change Open

Four different tribes of elves of the seasons live together in the Forest of Elden, without war. Until a Fall elf decides the rules are old and need to change, causing conflict among the rest. Some may join this elf, others will fight. (Spots open)

On the Mafia Express Open

In the 1930s on the transcontinental train heading from L.A. to New York members of three different mafias are aboard. They all know nothing of the others being there, until one person aboard plans a mass murder. [Spots open!]

Wanted: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Open

A new version of the tale of Snow White, one where The Seven Dwarfs are a band of thieves who take Snow White in. And now the Queen has to retrieve her stolen magic mirror from Snow. (SPOTS OPEN!!!)

The Discovery of King Arthur Open

We all know his story, but what we don't know is how everyone met, how the Knights of the Round Table were formed, and how they discovered Avalon. Here you will help me and others fill in those details. (SPOTS OPEN AND ROLEPLAYERS NEEDED!!!)

The Legend of Korra: Benders Unite Open

Five years before Korra comes to Republic City, the Equalists are still advancing. There are seven people helping the city and they are famous for taking out scum. Now they're trying to help Republic City while the Avatar is away training.

Neverland Open

Based on the TV show Neverland. Different people get pulled from their times and places and put into Never Neverland, where people never age. This is the beginning when Hook and Peter are first taken to Never Neverland. We can create out own version.

The Hunger Games: A Spin Off Open

Spoiler Alert!!! to all of those who have yet to see or read Catching Fire!!!! (Description inside to keep those who don't want to know safe)

I'm Here Open

Two groups exist in the New York City area; one finds those with powers and helps train them to do good and be heroes, another entices those with powers to stand against the government and be villains. What would happen if suddenly they had the same goal?

Together We Stand Open

(Restart of "I'm Here") Two groups exist in the New York City area; one finds those with powers and helps train them to be heroes, another entices to be villains. What would happen if suddenly they had the same goal?

Smoke, Jazz, and Blood Open

You start on a journey in the 1920's from Nottingham, England to the city of London on a train. The first of the murders happen here and it's up to you to band together to find out who did it, to follow the trail, and put the murder behind bars.

Eat a Soul Open

Based off Soul Eater! Become a Meister or weapon as you go on your journey of trying to make/become a weapon for Lord Death. Battle Kishins, witches, and be a student that tries to help stop one of Death's children from becoming a Kishin like Asura.