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I'll cut to the point. Male outside, female inside, used to have (Sometimes still have) an incredibly crappy life. (Will share when asked) When I was 13 became depressed, needed a way out. It appeared that my imagination was very strong, I almost never run out of ideas. I made the Fross Fairy Empire and it slowly on helped me out of my depression at the end of my 17th year in life. NOTE: If you like to know my past or more about the Empire I created, feel free to ask, I'll answer every question that's asked.

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Nothing solid yet but I hope to find people that are interested in helping me getting a website. I might know nothing about computers and all the materialistic stuff but one thing is for sure, I'll never run out of creativity c:
Movies, writing, Elder Scrolls Lore, Spore GA, My Empire, spicy food, MWC, Music (almost anything), Nature, RP, Anime, Long walks, Cats, Universe, evolution, loyalty, socializing, probably more.
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01 May 1994
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13 years old
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Sci-Fi (Natural version)

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— Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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Continent of Velkyria

the Continent of Velkyria is a massive continent with Grasslands, Forest, Jungle, Mountain habitats and even some islands. The Colony Velkyria itself is mostly habitated by Forest nation.

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The army of the Fross Fairy Empire will fight and die for natural causes.
I use natural selection in my RPs to increase the survival difficulty greatly.