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Character Portrait: Avras Shatar Assassin by nature, he displays a cold look with a hint of arrogance. A strange, black tattoo in the shape of a snake is etched in his skin, starting from the upper part of his right eye, stretching all the way down near his cheek
Character Portrait: Alakor "Each and every life has a price. Thus, each and every life can be claimed."
Character Portrait: Alakor Anathema The result between Alakor's pact with the Devil, the Anathema. Is immortality worth selling one's soul ?
Character Portrait: Ariman Devas A Shape-shifter cursed by ancient magics, he resides in the body of a child and is only able to return to his mature shape through a complex metamorphosis process, for a short period of time
Character Portrait: Michael Damion, Alias: Russia A vagabond by situation, an atheist by choice, a christian by obligation. Pitch-black wings, scars and delicately executed tattoos offer shape and form to this Devil Hunter.
Character Portrait: Arriliam When science collides with religion in an attempt to recreate God's own perfection in the form of flesh and steel.
Character Portrait: Raphael Windcrow the Tempest A wise man shall always play the trickster, yet a wiser man shall always play the fool.
Character Portrait: Rivael Andur'me Change and adaptation are optional: not each and every individual is meant to survive.
Character Portrait: Andrei Dimitriev "Hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator."
Character Portrait: Malevol Ikarus Even those long parted of eyes can witness the truths of a decaying age.
Character Portrait: Auris Tel'Avi "We are judge, jury and executioner."