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Huh, forgot to fill this out.... Welp, I've RPed before, I write stories, I love Japan, yup.

Oh, and I'm female. No I'm not. Maybe. Take a guess.

Anyways, here's a face for you, good citizen reading this. (ΰ«€(Ξ„β—žΰΈ΄ΰ±ͺβ—ŸΰΈ΄β€΅)Κƒ)β™₯
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Somewhere over the rainbow~β™ͺ
Heading for a career as a writer one day!
You. (Oh jk jk jk jk) Writing, rping, music, Japan. All the nerdy things you can imagine a teen Asian would like. xD
Favorite Role Playing Game:
Probably the Final Fantasy series
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Anime, as always, and any genre!

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Universes Created

The One-Thousandth Year

Once again, the same group of teenagers repeat their one-thousandth year of high school. One day though, they witness someone about to commit suicide right before their eyes.


"Not even God can save us." A thief who steals from the rich, a guard who knows nothing, a wealthy daughter who loves the ill, and a clueless prince are all somehow joined during the ruthless plague.

Hogwarts School of Witchcrafts and Wizardry

Another year at Hogwarts filled with wonder, adventure, and mystery, has started with a handful of new students. But while this goes on, the same threat from before has risen again.

Price of a Life

"No matter how hard this world falls, we will not." 2061, the world has fallen and everything is now every man for himself. Win or lose. Kill or be killed. That's what we have fallen to. (One Role Open)

Dangan Ronpa: Hope and Despair

Hope's Peak Academy used to be the top of all high school until it one day shut down. Yet 16 students got an invitation to attend even though it had been close for years...


"When we meet people, we first ask for their name." In Fujiwara High School, there are eight students that are caught in a huge and confusing love circle that could make or break their friendship with each other.

Generation of Miracles

The basketball team, the Generation of Miracles, has come back, but this time, the players are completely different.

Through My Eyes

Fairy Tail, the famous guild, has finally decreased in population after a new guild master had corrupted the guild. The once great guild began to fall into silence until a handful of other mages join and promise to bring back it's beauty.

The Hanekawa Family

The "Hanekawa" family is a group of young girls and boys. They're really just one close group of friends that all live together and the problems they face are those of a normal persons; romance, secrets, friendship, and bonds.

Among The Living

Youmu and Exorcists never really get along, always trying to kill each other like cats and dogs, but there is one society in this world that accepts both of them; Moumoku.

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Maybe we can recall someday, and meet again