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GoriexGorie member of RPG for years

Bio: Photoggin in my Tobbagon.
21. Senior in college.
Former RPG Designer.
American. I guess thats cool.
I love Obama. Dont even joke with me.
I hate American Idol. Simon sounds like a toad.
Sorta-kinda-scenester-maybe. Just a bit.
Tiny as hell. Which means I'm 5 ft even.
Actress. Singer. Dancer. Music is life, pretty much.
Traveling is cool. Japan '10. AMA Silver Tour '11. Dominican Republic '12. Guatemala '13. Japan (5 months) '14. Tunisia '14.
David Bowie is pretty awesome. Doctor Who rules.
I'm quite strange, as you'll find. But you'll grow to love me anyway.
Jukebox The Ghost forever <3

I've been an active part of RPG for a long while now, and I don't see that changing ever.

Message me if you want to bother yourself about me in a more detailed way. :3 Oh, and I do take questions about Japan. Yeah. I guess thats it for now, until I decide to revamp this.

Basic Information

Honors College student ~ Student Dance Teacher
Dance (ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, pointe, hip hop, modern, contemporary, theatrical [19 years]); Soccer [13 years]; Music (singing, clarinet, piano); Acting; Art (drawing, painting); Writing; Archaeology; Reenacting; International Travel (Japan 2010, Dominican Republic 2012, Guatemala 2013, Japan 2014, Tunisia 2014, Bahamas 2015 - upcoming); History; Psychology; Learning; Video games; Japan (fashion styles, music, states of mind, etc.).
Began Role Playing:
0- 3-2009
Favorite Role Playing Game:
Sims, I guess. :)
Game Master:
Favorite Setting:
Fantasy // Modern // Etc.

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Alas, Babylon: A New Beginning

16 years after the incidents that occurred at Babylon, a new group of "gifted" students with powers have arrived. What events will unfold this year?

Let's Make A Scene

Two girls, classified as Scene, spend a summer in Beverly Hills, where being Scene is looked down upon. Romance blooms, and fights ensue, but can love last? Or will it melt away in tears?

Rhythm and Love

Zerstoren, a world-famous American Band, has just finished up their 2011 World Tour. Now they find out they're to tour soon with another band - and they have to get to know them before hand. How could anything possibly go wrong? [FULL]

The House That Time Forgot

There is a lonely house that sits on a hill - a lonely house, that holds more power within than one could possibly imagine. So, what happens when you stumble through the doors, and find out that this house can travel through time?

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Character Portrait: Lotti Lorraine Devereux

Lotti Lorraine Devereux

Lotti is a happy girl with a crazy style. She loves anything that has to do with Japan, and she loves to share what she knows - she tends to be quite detail oriented. Her best friend also happens to be another scene queen, like herself.
Character Portrait: Brynadette Am??lie Athyn

Brynadette Am??lie Athyn

Brynadette Am??lie Athyn is a happy girl with a big smile - though things for her haven't been easy, she tries her best to keep going. She's just unaware that she's got a demon inside...
Character Portrait: Cambria Alexis Gates

Cambria Alexis Gates

Death Note Holder
Character Portrait: White Light

White Light

Saige McKinley. A telekinetic member of Titans East.
Character Portrait: Neon


Alexi Colton Wolfe - The leader of Titans South. His twin sister just happens to be Veronique Brigitte Wolfe.
Character Portrait: Dream Weaver

Dream Weaver

Veronique Brigitte Wolfe - A devoted member of the Brotherhood of Evil. She's the type of girl who would pit your worst nightmare against you just because she has the ability to. She is the twin sister of Alexi Colton Wolfe...
Character Portrait: Viera Marie D'Entremont

Viera Marie D'Entremont

An outgoing and friendly girl, with a knack for dance and gymnastics. Twin sister of Landon James.
Character Portrait: Landon James D'Entremont

Landon James D'Entremont

A strong willed boy who loves music, and always looks out for his sister. Twin brother of Viera Marie.
Character Portrait: Saige Marie McKinley

Saige Marie McKinley

Saige is a girl of many talents with a knack for making friends and defending others.
Character Portrait: Lori Beatty

Lori Beatty

The Administrative Assistant for The Peltzer Group


"He’s like fire and ice and rage.
He’s like the night,
and the storm at the heart of the sun...
He’s ancient and forever.
He burns at the center of time
And he can see the turn of the universe.
...And he’s wonderful.”

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